The Oster Kitchen Center is a brand of kitchen appliances which include blenders, waffle makers, food processors, microwave ovens and stoves. The Oster Kitchen Center brand was originally part of the John Oster Manufacturing Company, which was founded by John Oster in 1923. 1923 was also the year that the first Oster blender was created, and since that time this company became well known for its’ hand mixers, juicers and toasters. In 1980, Oster was acquired by Sunbeam but they still offer the Oster Kitchen Center products to customers.

The Osterizer blender is a major appliance within the Oster Kitchen Center. This blender was first created in 1923 by Stevens Electric Company and it is characterized by a heavy construction and excellent motor, and this is one of the most popular Oster appliances by customers. The Osterizer comes in numerous models today and the traditional powerful motor is still one of the things that attract people to the Osterizer. The Osterizer usually comes with a five to six cup container although some models of the Osterizer don’t have a glass cup container but plastic.

The Kitchen Center mixer is also an item within the Oster Kitchen Center line of kitchen products. This mixer is great for a variety of dishes you can cook and like the Osterizer, the mixers come in various models that can be purchased at most local appliance stores and online retailers. For example, the Oster 2700 Kitchen Center Mixer comes with an egg beater and dough hook along with 480 watts of motor. Like other Oster mixers, the Kitchen Center mixer has a great motor and is also durable. Some online auction retailers have sales of vintage Oster Kitchen Center mixers.

Other items within the Oster Kitchen Center line of products include the salad mixer, food processor, hand mixers and meat grinders. If you go on Ebay or other online retailers, you can find some cookbooks that specifically had recipes that you can make with your tools from this line of kitchen products. The cookbooks featured categories such as drinks, pasta, meat and poultry dishes and desserts.

The Oster Kitchen Center is a handy and affordable group of easy-to-use kitchen products that are excellent for the home cook. These items last a long time and they each perform different cooking tasks. You can purchase the Oster Kitchen Center products on,, independent houseware stores and online retailers. For decades customers have relied on these products to create delicious meals and even live healthier lives. For example, the Osterizer blender became popular in the mid 20th century by those who started making juices and smoothies as an alternative to soft drinks.

Even with all of the advanced technology and newer brands of kitchen appliances, the Oster Kitchen Center never goes out of style because it provides excellent power and doesn’t break down easily. These kitchen products also have a strong reputation and reflect Oster’s commitment to bringing high quality kitchenware to home cooks.

One great advantage of the Oster Kitchen Center is that it’s affordable. Growing up in a working-class family we couldn’t get high-end kitchen appliances but we always had the Oster Kitchen Center products because they offered good quality as great prices. I shop mainly at Target, Wal-Mart and local independent cookware stores and whenever Wal Mart has a sale on Oster blenders, I purchase about two of them as gifts for loved ones because you can’t go wrong with Oster products. And for the price you’re getting a well-known product that delivers every time. My grandmother purchased an Oster food processor some years ago and it still works.

Another advantage of owning the Oster Kitchen Center is that you get a wide variety of kitchen tools. When I moved in my first apartment in the mid 1990s, I needed some basic kitchen tools so I can cook my mother’s meatloaf, turkey soup, and braised cabbage even while she lived thousands of miles away. (She called often to give cooking advice.) I immediately purchased the Oster Kitchen Center hand mixer, whisks, food processor and convection oven for my grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. These tools come in different models each year and the quality gets better all the time. I now have three little munchkins at home and they love cooking thanks to the Oster Kitchen Center products. I have so many Oster kitchen tools my husband wants to put me on an Oster shopping budget. Recently I purchased a juicer from Oster and now we cut back drastically on our soft drink consumption. I even got my neighbor to enjoy smoothies now.

Among the advantages of owning an Oster Kitchen Center product is that it fosters an appreciation for cooking. I grew up with boxed processed foods and fast foods like so many in Generations X and Y, but because of the Oster Kitchen Center products, I became bold in my quest for preparing home-cooked meals. The Oster crock pot I got from a thrift store recently has this nice 1970s design on the outside, and I make everything from beef stew to Creole-style red beans and rice. (I’m from Louisiana, and my folks told me that it’s a crime to not know how to fix this dish correctly.) With the Oster products, I can enjoy healthy and delicious meals everyday.

Owning the Oster Kitchen Center products helps you in travel situations. There was a time when I went camping with the man that is now my husband, and we brought a few Oster hand mixers and Oster wooden spoons to help us prepare the chili macaroni, his favorite meal. (He’s from Texas.) We enjoyed the meal immensely and he liked the ease of use of the Oster Kitchen Center products. Now when we go camping, we always bring the Oster products for a helping hand. The Oster Kitchen Center products also came in handy when I needed to cook a quick meal since the hotel restaurant was closed for renovations. I took the Oster griddle iron and made a late-night meal which consisted of pancakes, bacon and hard-boiled eggs.