Ostland is a grand province which is dominated squarely by the forbidding and dark haven of Shadow Forest. It is a land that has its back pressed hard upon the mountains in the middle of the south and the west.

Hulking and quite ancient, the trees in this huge woodland realm are seen to shroud the whole land in a continuous mask of green dusk which is only broken by the momentous clearing for settlement which is hacked from these dense undergrowth.

Ostland is thus a realm full of damp and creeping fog as well as shifting shadows that conceal vast millennia remnants of its former civilization as well as conflict in such impenetrable foliage.

Ostland has loyal people who are devout Sigmar followers. In generations, these people have been able to shape out their lives well from this rugged land.

They are commonly known all through the Empire as being steadfast and stubborn in nature. Over centuries, their famous stubbornness has always been on the test. This has been proven many times especially after the invasion by the Chaos forces. The resilient people from Ostland have always stood up and bravely defended their land.

Along the years, Ostland has always seemed ripe for anyone to pick up to invade but it has proved to be a very bitter fruit by the defense that the people have put up.

Though sparsely defended well sometimes, the land now appears more vulnerable than ever as the ferocious people of Ostland swear to hold their own farmland and beast to last one of them. The Chaos invaders who are after Ostland face a very tough task of conquering the province, which is much an obstacle just like its inhabitants.

Therefore, the pace is set because they must conquer Ostland since within its domain lie four relics that have been forgotten and hold the right key the success of Tcharízanekís plan.

To successful accomplish the destruction and conquest of Ostland, the Raven Champion King turns to his trusted tools of trade; from corruption of the strong to destruction of the weak, as well as sowing the Ostland fields with fierce terror until all the resistance has been reduced to nothing.

The future of the province looks bleak. The men of Ostland resist the invasion but are losing the war slowly. The people of Ostland are hopeless during this invasion but find encouragement in their resilience and faith.