OtterBox iPhone 5 Review

Best iPhone 5 Cases

Do you often drop things? Are you clumsy? Do you find yourself constantly spilling juice and food on yourself? Well, OtterBox might be the perfect case for you. The OtterBox cases have been around for years now and they’re back to protect the beautiful new iPhone 5.

The case includes a removable belt clip, 3-layer protection and a nice screen protector. It feels durable when you pick it up. Keep in mind: it’s big. If you like the thin feel of the iPhone, stay away. However, if you work in construction or another hazardous phone condition, it’s probably a great solution.

Now, lets break it down:

Installation: Installation is simple if you've ever used an OtterBox case before. The best way to start is to open up the tab on the upper left corner by the volume control, then pull the bumper off the case with your fingers. Things are easy from then on.

Durability: It’s brick solid. After field-testing for a while, the case held its own. It provided a nice piece of mind. Minor bumps and the occasional drop didn't phase it. I’d be willing to bet the phone would survive the usual clumsiness on city streets.

Design: This is where the most drawbacks are found. We've already gone over this, so I'll say it simply: if you don't like bulky cases, nothing about this case will change your mind. From a usability standpoint, skinny pant pockets are out of the question. You could probably stuff it into your back pocket, but retrieval will be somewhat slow. Men will most likely need to use the belt clip and women can use their purse or bag to store it.

Headphones: Plugging headphones into it can be difficult at times. Headphones with 90 degree jacks (or even straight headphone jacks that are bulky) will NOT fit in this case. The bulk of the case means that a 3.5mm plug that isn't straight and slim won't sit flush with the jack. This also applies for auxiliary cables that to connect to your car's stereo.


• Virtually indestructible design and case

• Quick and simple installation

• Full protection of the phone case and screen


• The case is huge, especially in contrast with the thin design of the new iPhone

• It’s heavy. You'll really notice

• The case makes it difficult to touch the edges of the screen.

• Price: $50 – It's still cheaper than $10 a month for phone insurance

The OtterBox is the best protection available. If the extra size and weight isn’t a problem, it’s a great quality case for the money.