I realize that many people, maybe even most people, are fearful of Ouija boards. Many people believe that they are evil and that no one should ever experiment with a Ouija board, much less have one in their house. And although I caution people to be careful when experimenting with the Ouija board, I can tell you that my own personal experiences with the board have been nothing short of enlightening.

I first began using a Ouija board much like most people who begin for the first time. It was out of a sense of curiosity of the unseen world around us. A curiosity that was mixed with intrigue as well as an underlying fear of this unknown realm.

What is this unknown realm? Is it real or is it imagined? Are spirits and ghosts real? Can we communicate with them? Are spirit guides real? Can we receive messages from them, and from the spirits of loved ones who have departed the physical world? What happens to us when we die? Is there more after this?

These were just some of the questions I asked myself. These were the questions I wanted answers to, but I didn’t know how or where to find them. Little did I know that I would soon make contact with some of the inhabitants of this other realm, and I was in for a much bigger surprise than I could have ever imagined. Not only did I receive the answers to these questions and so many more, but I began to have some of the most extraordinary experiences imaginable.

Ouija, It Glows in the Dark (1998)
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Ouija Board Conversations

My first few experiences using a Ouija board were rather dull and eventful, but after a few attempts, the planchette began to move across the board and spell out short simple messages. Nothing too interesting at this point, but over time the messages became more detailed, and it seemed that whoever was communicating to my Ouija partner and me, had more in mind than just answering simple questions.

Who's There?

We soon realized that there was more than one 'entity' communicating with us, as they began to deliver their message: "We are not of the physical world, but we know your physical world better than you do, for our vantage point is one that spans the physical and spiritual. We are what you refer to as guides. We are Demna, Em, and Melanie, but we also encompass other guides who would speak through us to you. We are of the unseen and spiritual realm."

They then proceeded to tell us that they would be delivering a book to us. Yes....through the Ouija board. It took a full three years for my Ouija partner and I to decide to give it a try and see if our 'guides' would follow through and deliver. 

True to their word, they began delivering material to us. They delivered material on reality and alternate realities. They answered all of our questions. Everything we could think to ask.  What other worlds exist around us?  Are they inhabited? Where did we come from and what is our purpose here? What about death? What can we expect when we depart this life? Are heaven and hell real? What is God? Whatever we could think to ask, we asked. And they answered in detail. We delved into areas that we hadn’t even considered, because each answer we received opened the door to a new thought or concept.

A Book of Insight
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Some Ouija Questions and Answers

The following italicized questions are taken from A Book of Insight, followed by the answers our spirit guides provided via the Ouija board.

We wanted to know what life and creation looked like from our spirit guides’ perspective, and asked the following question, followed by their answer.

If we could see what you see, what would we see?

If mankind could see what we see, you would see the depth of beauty, and colors, and sounds that bring joy to all of existence within the mind of God. You would see mansions like no other. You would see the beauty of the Universe in all of its splendor, and color, and explosion of life. You would see all the spirits and lives that are, and ever will be. You would see dimensions that your scientists can only hypothesize, and much, much more. Life that the Source has given us all, is the greatest gift that could possibly be, and then God outdoes himself by giving us multitudes of splendors for our enjoyment.

We asked about reincarnation. Here is a small excerpt of their answer:

"Many of your lifetimes are spent with familiar souls, and you have all experienced these lifetimes in different capacities of relationships with each other. Sometimes you have been sisters, and sometimes you have been lovers, while other times you have been enemies. This is all in the quest for different experiences with each other, and in order to gain these experiences, your roles have been interchangeable.

All of these experiences and lifetimes are for the purpose of the Source’s experience towards self-actualization, and this has led to the expansion of each individual Source soul’s self-actualization as well. It has also led to the expansion of your Universe, for as the Source’s realization expands, it causes your

Universe to expand, and this is why you perceive your Universe as expanding as opposed to shrinking. Your Universe will never shrink."

 A Final Note From Our Guides

"Many of you might still be determining whether or not to believe that a book can actually be channeled through a Ouija board, let alone a book that is extensive, as this is. We would advise that even though the method may appear outrageous, put your thoughts aside, and heed the message we impart, for you must admit it is indeed a loving, yet powerful message we bring. We have much love for you because as kindred spirits, our bonds go deeper than any Earthly bonds you will ever know.

Heed our message and take our advice to heart, for the heart is where God dwells and makes his home inside of each and every one of you.

We would wish you much love and growth for the betterment of the human species, and we will walk beside you as you travel the journey of your soul’s desire. We are never far; and if you call upon us, we will speak through the God within your soul, and we will never let you down or steer you wrong. In the stillness of your soul, you will find us. We are simply waiting for you to awaken the spirit within.

Go in peace and love, and know that we will meet again."

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