Life Altering Lessons

From a Ouija Board

The Ouija board has always been surrounded by mystery and intrigue. Some people believe that they are connecting with spirits from the other side, while others will always remain skeptics. I have been working with the Ouija board as a form of spirit communication for over 25 years, and I can tell you from my experiences with it, there is no doubt in my mind. Not only do the spirits come through, they come through with life altering messages of wisdom. Some are profound messages, and some are simple but important life changing lessons. The following information was channeled word for word from my spirit guides, via a Ouija board.

How Our Belief Systems are Formed

From the time of our birth, we are beginning to view the world from our very unique perspective. The people who care for us begin to contribute to our perspectives through their own belief patterns and experiences. Then, as we develop and experience the world around us, we add to these observations which begin to mold our beliefs. By the time we are a year old, our minds begin to develop towards a fixed perception of truth. These truths are accepted as fact, and at no time do we question these perceived facts. Many facts, per se, accumulate throughout our lifetime and compound one upon the other. You are so attached to these beliefs that you do not know that there is another method of perception. Remember that beliefs are tied to perception and that perception affects the beliefs we hold, and we hold them dearly as if to lose them is to lose ourselves.

 Many of you are so attached to your beliefs that you have not the slightest conception that your entire life is the result of their existence in your mind and soul. No one is exempt. Your beliefs, at times, are so deeply rooted that you do not realize that you even have them. Beliefs can become so deeply rooted that they become invisible to you. It is when these beliefs become invisible that they become limiting in your lives because it is hard to change an aspect of your life when you are unaware of the beliefs you hold that are causing this limitation.

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Belief and Life Altering Exercise

We would like you to examine all the beliefs you hold; even the ones you take for granted as absolute truths. Once you can identify all of your beliefs, you can begin to look at your lives and see how they have been affected by these beliefs.

Make a list of your beliefs, and make it as long as you want. You will begin to notice how these beliefs have affected your life. Have these beliefs harmed you? Have these beliefs aided you? Are these beliefs responsible for your current level of income? Are they responsible for your current position in life? Do you want to hold onto them? Do you want to replace them? Do you want to change your life? We believe that you do or you would not be reading this.

Think about the changes you want to make in your life, and think about how your beliefs have landed you where you are now.

We are going to do a belief altering exercise. Make a list of the beliefs you hold that you would like to shift. List every belief that has binded you and held you back from your course in life. Dwell on these beliefs, and think back on how they have gotten you to this point. Have you held on to them too tightly? Would you like to replace them and affect a positive change in your life? We think so.

On a separate sheet of paper, write the set of beliefs you would like to adopt. If you would like to sell houses, but believe that you are not a good sales person, then your new belief would be, “I am a great sales person;” “I am a great real estate agent.” Do this, and list all the beliefs you would like to adopt. Once your list is complete, read it out loud to yourself. Make it a habit to read them before you go to sleep at night, and make it the first thing you meditate on in the morning. Do this consistently every day for at least twenty one days, and no less. You will begin to notice a change in your reality and in your attitude, but most importantly, you will realize that you will begin to adopt these new beliefs as your new set of truths. You are now well on your way to changing your life.

Belief is powerful. As you continue your meditations, start to make room in your life for the changes that are to occur. They will be propelled to you by the Universe in many subtle ways. There will be occurrences that will bring your changes to you. Perhaps, meeting the people you need to meet or situations you need to happen. The Universe will set up a chain of events that bring these changes into your life. Some might call this synchronicity. The synchronicity factor is a tool per se, of the Universal Source, and many have witnessed it in their lives.

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In Summary:

  • Identify your beliefs; especially your limiting beliefs.
  • Identify that which you desire.
  • Change your beliefs accordingly.
  • Attach the thoughts and emotions that are in tune with your new beliefs.
  • Visualize, and utilize meditation to set the stage for change. But you must truly believe your new set of beliefs, so meditate on them and allow yourself to embrace their truth.
  • Be aware of the events that start to enter your life, and seize them.
  • Be aware and open to the people who will begin to connect with you. Nothing is random. The Source, the Universe is orderly.

Keep your mind open to receive as the Source works through you. Meditation is your connection to the Source, and your mind is your vehicle to the Source. Keep your mind in tune with the Source and be aware of its internal guidance, for many changes can be directed through this connection, and your instincts per se, are guidance received from this Source. Be aware and be connected, and your path will be clear. God is the Universal Source and we can connect to him; God, being your term of usage. Many of you have different terms of usage, but it is all the same.

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