Winter's coming

No matter how much we wish it wasn't

Living where we do, in the northern reaches of Canada, one thing we know for absolute certainty: winter will turn up within a few months, and it will stay with us many more!

Even the dogs sense it coming.... 

The inevitable winter


Getting the yard ready for winter

It's a little easier these days

Every fall, one of my most dreaded jobs looms, just as sure as the coming snow is looming.

Being a keen gardener, as the autumn sets in and the foliage starts dying off, then it's time to start cleaning out flower beds, raking leaves, mulching the strawberries, and generally preparing the yard for winter.

Actually, if you can pick a nice, clear fall day, it's a pretty pleasurable task, even though you know you are preparing for no greenery for at least six months.

Cleaning Off The Deck

However, along with the yard comes the task of cleaning up our large deck, along with the collection of flower towers, hanging baskets and assorted deck furniture that has been collected over the years. It's actually just about as big a job as cleaning out the yard, as we have a large deck, a large family, and thus a large amount of deck furniture.

Two tables, at least 12 chairs, recliners, sun chairs, and everything has a cushion!

That's a lot of cushions!

 And for at least 10 years that's been an issue, as what do you do with all those cushions for six months? For the longest time I just got a box full of extra large plastic leaf bags, and stuffed each bag with pillows then attempted to stuff them all up in the rafters of the garage.

However, that was a real pain in the butt job, as it meant hauling out a ladder and lot's of trips up it.

Mice, mice, mice 

A couple of years ago I decided on ashort cut and just bagged all the cushions and stored them in a sheltered corner of the deck, along with all the furniture itself.

What a smart idea I thought, a lot easier than hauling everything into the rafters.

Well the mice thought so too, as next spring a couple of the bags were the new home of a whole family of them. "Wifey "was not a happy lady! 

Our new deck storage box

A gift from my wife

Our New Deck Storage Box

No More Ladders

No more mice

Last summer my good lady presented me with a large box that had the dreaded words, "assembly required" loudly printed on the side. Now I'm not a fan of assemblying stuff, so this was not an auspicious start!

Easy Assembly 

The box contained a LifeTime Extra Large Deck Box and was actually pretty easy to assmble. Sturdy, weather proof and (so the manufacturer promises) rodent proof, this box is really roomy and, with just a little bit of stuffing, managed to take all the patio furniture cushions we owned.

The box itself is constructed from a heavy resin, with some louvres on each end, ensuring some cross ventilation. The lid fastens securely, and has a good locking mechanism. A nice brown and tan color, it certainly doesn't look out of place on our deck. 

The best part is I no longer have to navigate a ladder each fall, then again in the spring, and I'm certain this deck box will keep our seat cushions in great shape over the winter.

Now, where should I store that new Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder I bought myself?