Easter Activities and Traditions

Lots of Fun At Easter!

I am going to share with you some of the traditions we like to observe in our family which make Easter feel really special. Maybe you will get some ideas that you can use in your family too. Some of the traditions are typical of an English family at Easter, and some are unique to our family!

1) Blowing eggs

2) Gathering Easter flowers

3) Chocolate Easter egg hunts

4) Creating and Easter Table

5) Roast lamb

6) Lighting candles

OK, so first let me say that we are not a religious family, however I do know the story of Easter and to me it does feel like a special time, and a time that we can give thanks for the good things we have. It feels like a sacred time. And although I don't believe in the Christian idea about Easter, I do like the metaphor or rising again. To me it feels like life going on, and good will always rise up, no matter how bad things have been. It just makes me believe in something bigger than myself.

Back to our traditions.

1) Blowing eggs - Basically this involves taking actual eggs and removing the contents of them to leave an empty shell. Once you have done this you can decorate the shells in Easter colors and patterns. Children really enjoy this activity and it's actually really simple to do! For more details on how to do this see the links below.

2) Gathering Easter flowers - This is something my mum and I used to do together. Obviously you have to be careful where you get them from (no it isn't acceptable to gather them in the neighbours garden! ) However once you have collected your flowers they will make a gorgeous, cheerful addition to your home! And they can be used on your Easter table (see below). Daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops are all examples of traditional Easter flowers here in the UK.

3) Chocolate Easter egg hunt - I am pretty sure most people would have participated in an Easter egg hunt at some point in their life. I have fond memories of hunting for small chocolate eggs that our parents (AKA the Easter Bunny) had previously hidden, and growing up in the countryside meant that we had the advantage of being able to do the hunt outside as well as indoors. Usually there were clues to guide you to each location where an egg was hidden, and a large chocolate egg was the prize at the end. Easter egg hunts are often undertaken in small teams and are great fun for families and children. This type of activity can also teach your children about teamwork and help with family bonding!

4) Creating an Easter table - I have written a detailed article about this which you can get to using the link below. Basically an Easter table in our family was just simply to decorate the table beautifully using flowers, candles, decorations and Easter colours. We would also add presents and food. For more ideas on how to create and Easter table follow my link below.

5) Roast lamb - this is a traditional roast dinner meal eaten by most English families on Easter Sunday. Lamb is thought of as a Springtime meat here in the UK. A home-cooked roast is lovely! It's making my mouth water just thinking about it!

6) Lighting candles - this is also a widely observed Christian tradition at Easter, and I just like to light candles because candle light is beautiful and feels soothing.

So those are the traditions we keep at Easter. I hope you have found them interesting.

What about you, do you keep any traditions at Easter?

Hand Painted Easter Eggs

The tradition of blowing eggs

Here is a pic of some decorated Easter Eggs
Credit: Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net