Nature provides a diverse geographical environment in which mankind finds himself by natural birth. No one however, has the choice of his place of birth. Nationality is an absolute reality that is ordained by nature.

Nature too plays a big part in making a hostile environment. Cold and scorching deserts, Greenland and Kalahari are hostile environments inhabited by Eskimos and bushmen respectively. Natural catastrophes, primarily, earthquakes, floods, drought, famine and hurricanes create harmful effects and consequencies experienced in history. The enlisted geographical factors creating a hostile environment are natural and beyond man’s control. Man has no choice but to resign himself to the fate and accept what nature ordains for him.

We need to bear in mind that the “actions of men” contribute in creating a hostile environment. History reveals that man has diverted himself from the choice of “the good” to the choice of “the evil”. Ideologies of political dictatorship and religious hypnotism cause more deadly evil in comparison to natural catastrophes. Man’s destiny for his fellowman is to bring love, peace and happiness but failure or refusal to execute this destiny is evil par-excellence. Man lives in dread of evil, death being the greatest and the most abominable evil.

Dictatorship and terrorism are twin evils par-excellence in the world today. Dread discloses the utmost possibility of man. All dread therefore is dread of death. Political dictatorship as it is exhibited in Africa denies citizens their fundamental rights, namely, democracy and sanctity of human life. Democracy is the right of the people to govern themselves by electing the government of the people, by the people and for the people. African dictators thirst with inordinate passion for power and wealth than being servants to their citizens. African dictators have perpetuated civil wars claiming millions deaths of innocents, crimes against humanity, corruption, impunity, injustice, abject poverty and economic backwardness.

Man is ever in terror of his life. A nocturnal gang of terrorizers create fear and dread by engaging themselves in robbery with violence and spilling innocent blood. Terror and terrorism are interrelated words giving meaning to only one reality, fear and dread of death. The greatest magnitude of fear and dread is executed by criminals in whom evil is incarnate. Where on earth does a suicide bomber get the courage to hijack a plane jet and crush it into pentagon and world trade centre? The suicide –bomber risks his life in death while killing thousands of innocents. Religious hypnotism is the worst method of brain-washing the youth and incarnating the spirit of executing evil. It boggles the human mind how one merits a hundredfold in heaven by shedding innocent blood? The idea of shedding blood so as to merit eternal happiness is an absolute absurdity and insanity. The execution of evil that demands diabolical sadism is satanic. Dictatorship and terrorists have no respect, honour and reverence for the sanctity of human life. Hence they are nothing else other than the incarnation of evil destroying God’s creation.