How do some people make it seem like being positive, and making money, and just being happy everyday is so easy? Some people always seem to have plenty of abundance never hurting for anything. In my line of work I would see people everyday that did not know if they were going to have milk for the kids that day. They were continuously struggling to come up with a few dollars for a tank of gas or a pack of cigarettes. I have come to the mindset in my life that it takes just as much effort to remain poor and unhappy as it does to have abundance and be happy. I have worked side by side with severely mentally challenged people that I helped to just smile.

This is what I have seen in my own experience. A poor person will wake up everyday wondering how they are going to survive and make it through the day. They work hard to drive around each and every week to get as many free food baskets as they can. They are continuously at appointments at housing authorities or at the state Health and Welfare department, securing their food stamps or trying to get cash assistance. I have worked with families that the only thing we ever did was assist them in getting, keeping and getting more state, and federal assistance. Poor people know the system, they hear about every free service or commodity there is and they take advantage of as many as they can. This is how there days are spent. Typically they do not take care of these things themselves, they qualify for some type of help. A case manager or someone will come to the home and help get them get organized, make telephone calls and drive them to all there appointments.

People that bring success into there life, are very busy everyday as well. Except they will wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say it's going to be a great day. If they were not born into prosperity this does not stop them, they create there own. They take the time to have a healthy breakfast, get themselves groomed for the day. They have personal development time to themselves and they place this as a priority. In the book "The Secret" by Bob Proctor It says "what you think about you bring about." This is so true. If we spend our days wondering how we will get by then we will always just get by.

All the great personal development works such as "Think and Grow Rich: by Napoleon Hill. "The Secret" by Bob Proctor, all of Anthony Robbins works. Other wonderful books such as"If You Think You Can" by Tj Hoisington. All these have a common denominator and that is the power of our thoughts. In TJ Hoisington's book "If You Think You Can" , he says that it is not the life situation such as a broken relationship, financial problems or other challenging situations that cause us the grief that we experience in this life.

TJ indicates that it is thoughts that we have surrounding that event that cause us the grief. If we change not only the way we think, but what we are thinking it has a dramatic affect on our behavior. Anthony Robbins says do anything to get your brain out of the dreaded thought process. Jump up and down on one leg, laugh and yell and repeat positive affirmations over and over. While these types of activities will not bring about permanent change we need to start somewhere. Changing our thinking is the place to start.

I have heard it said that when one door closes in our life another door will open. This is true, but it is the long hallway between the doors that is the challenge. Rationally, since we know this then why can't we just skip the grief in the middle and get on to thinking about that next door? It begins with our thoughts. I have noticed that I tend to stay stuck in past problems and issues and sharp downturns in my life. My continued negative thoughts are what keeps me down and depressed.

We can re-visit sad times in our life, but one thing for sure continuing this process will not make it better. In the type of work I used to do. I dealt with severely mentally ill people. I would try to get them to have just one, tiny, happy thought. It is a common thing for people to wallow around in a pool of negativity and miserable thoughts surrounding a bad situation or life event. It's as if they are stuck in the mud. What is really bad, is that we can fool ourselves into thinking if we remain in this dark place long enough it will reverse time.

What is done is done, what is in the past is in the past. Mankind has not invented the time machine yet. I am not aware of it anyway. I would say this to my clients. "How long do you have to continue to feel bad about the past before the past never happen." I would get a lot of puzzled looks. I would usually have to explain this statement in a simpler way. The past is gone, no matter how long you worry and stress and threat it is not going to change whatever event or situation in the past that you feel bad about. In a previous relationship, I came home from work one day after having been let go from my job. I must have looked pretty awful, and it must have been written on my face. My partner asked me "did you get fired or what? My partner gave me some good advice. She said, go ahead and feel sorry for yourself the rest of today, but tomorrow you need to go out and get another job. Well guess what, that's what I did. This is only one isolated incident, but the process is still the same. Successful people utilize proven processes to overcome obstacles and let downs and shortfalls in their life.

We can put our thoughts and our energy into getting up every morning and being in survival mode and living in the past. Or, we can also choose to put our thoughts and energy into getting up every morning and having positive thoughts and dealing with things we have control over. That is the present and the future. I guess what I am saying is that every time we have something go wrong in our life, or every time we have a door close, we don't always have to walk that long hallway of negative thoughts, regret, remorse and misery. We can immediately pick ourselves up and go start knocking on that next door. If you keep knocking, eventually the new door will open.