Your New Year's Resolutions....Make them a reality in 2012

 This is my first article on InfoBarrel so I appreciate all the feedback you can muster. I have looked high and low for an appropriate platform where avid students of one area of expertise can share their many years of study and experience with like minded enthusiasts. I have been studying the topic of Personal Achievement and Success for 26 years. My focus in this article is to share my favorite definition Personal Success and to give a proven 6 step process that anyone can utilize to take their New Year's Resolutions from the the wish phase to actual achievement.

The best definition of success that I have ever come across was found in a personal achievement audio program by Earl Nightingale and it as follows: "Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined goals." Progressive realization" in this definition means that in order to achieve a goal you must take progressive steps over a stated length of time that lead you to the achievement of your goal. The act of carrying out each of the necesary action steps found in a plan of action required for the attainment of a goal is often referred to by many Personal Development experts as the Journey. It is in this journey that success is found. The achievement of a goal is merely the by product of a well executed plan of action.

I want to at this point clear up a common misconception about success and how it is measured. Most people believe that in order to be successful, one must have a large bank account, drive flashy sports cars, and live in a mansion. Money is merely one way to measure succcess. True success is measured by the individual and what he or she wants to achieve. A 7th grade school teacher who sets a goal to raise the SOL scores of her students over last year's scores and accomplishes that goal is just as successful as a business executive being awarded a multi-million dollar opportunity.

Now that we have determined that New Year's resolutions have to be converted to goals and that real success in one's life is in the progressive realization of of these goals, the next step is to put our goals in an organized written plan of action. Placing your goals in writing is the most important step in the goal setting process but over 97% of the human population never takes the time to commit their dreams to writing. This is a major reason why most people totally forget about their New Year's resolutions and fall back into their behavior or circumstances that they resolved to change on January 1st. I am about to reveal to you a simple 6 step process that will change your life. I say that with total conviction becasue I have been using this process for over 25 years and it was the reason I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 45. All you will need to begin this journey is a spiral notebook or three ring binder and a pen or pencil. So lets get started.

The 6 Step Success Formula

1. The Master List - On the first page of your notebook write out a list of all your goals that you want to achieve. Dont worry if a goal seems impossible for you to reach, write it down anyway. This is sometimes called blue sky thinking. Napolean Hill wrote in his book Think and Grow Rich: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Beside each of the goals listed write in the right margin the area of your life to which your goal applies. The 6 areas of life that I use are:  Career, Family, Financial, Things/Toys/Travel, Physical/Health, and Social (friends and community support). You can use mine or create your own. Having goals in all areas of your life will help you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

 Master List of Goals


Area of Life

 I want to lose 15 pounds.


 I want to increase my sales at work by 15% in 2012.


 I want to start and maintain a consistent exercise program.


 I want to coach my son’s baseball team this year.


 I want to save at least 10% of my income this year.




2. Areas of Life - At the top of 5 separate pieces of paper in your notebook write the different areas of life and then list out each goal from your master list under the area of life you designated in Step 1.

Area of Life: Physical/Heath 




 I want to lose 15 pounds.


 I want to start and maintain a consistent exercise program.



3. Prioritize your Goals - Under each area of life beside the goals you have listed number the goals in order of importance to you with 1 being your most importantant goal in that area.

Area of Life: Physical/Heath 




 I want to lose 15 pounds.


 I want to start and maintain a consistent exercise program.



4. Plan of Action - On separate sheets of paper write out a plan of action for your top 3 goals in each area of your life. A plan of action is simply a list of action steps that need to be completed before you can achieve your goal. Each action step must have a deadline date for completion. It is not critical that you hit every date that you set. This just means you need to revise the plan and change the date of completion.                                          

                                                                    Plan of Action

 Area of Life : Physical/Health

Target Date:  2/17/12

 Goal: I want to lose 15 pounds 

                           Action Steps

Target Date


There are 7 weeks until I reach my target date of



2/17/12. That means I must lose just over 2 pounds



per week to achieve my goal.






Purchase ABC Diet Plan Book






Consistently follow the meal plans during the next


In Progress

7 weeks.






Walk briskly on our treadmill for 30 minutes per


In Progress

day over the 7 week period.






Weigh myself each night and record my progress.


In Progress




Replace my habit of snacking on junk foods every


In Progress

night with eating fresh fruits.






Upon achieving my goal of losing 15 pounds by



2/17, I will write another plan of action to maintain



my desired weight including proceeding with my #2



Physical/Health goal of joining a local health club.









 I consistently follow my meal plans in my ABC



 Diet Plan book.






 I consistently lose just over 2 pounds per week



 during my 7 week weight loss program.






 I look and feel great at my ideal weight of 185









 I weigh a healthy 185 pounds.






 I eat only foods that nourish my body.



 5. Positive Affirmations and Visualizations - After you complete your plan of action write out the goal and all the action steps as a positive affirmation. Affirmations are most effective when they are written in the first person, present tense. An example is I deposit at least 10% of my income in a savings account  each week.

6. Read your Positive Affirmations Every Day - This is the magic step that turns your goals into reality. Every time you read your goal supporting affirmations, you drive that goal deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. As you read your affirmations visualize your goals as reality in your minds eye. Visualize yourself at your ideal body weight. Your subconsious mind is like a magnet and it will draw to you whatever you consciously feed it. This is called the Law of Attraction and it is the driving force of personal acheivement. In my next article I will decrcribe in detail how the subconcious mind works and the new technologies that are available to speed up the process of programming your goals into your subconscious mind and in turn harnessing the force of the Law of Attraction.

I know this six step process may seem simple in nature but only 3% of the people walking the globe take the time to use it to achieve what they want from life. Start using this proven formula and move yourself into that top 3%. Make 2012 the year your New Year's resolutions become your reality.