Our World has come to WHAT!!

Would you try to kill millions of people on purpose?? Many companies say they have no comments on this or all they care about is the cash that they are bringing home. I’m sure you’re wondering what companies I’m talking about, your first thought tobacco? Alcoholic beverage companies? Crazy enough that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about food companies! It’s probably a huge shock or maybe it’s exactly what you were thinking. Growth in food costs have risen more than anyone has seen in 36 years!! So what are the buyers doing? Going for the most affordable options, Even if they don’t know what they are putting in their bodies. Companies want to make money so that being said, they don’t care what they put in their food just as long as consumers will buy. Companies will do anything to increase sales such as picking unripe tomatoes and spraying them with ethylene gas to ripen them faster, putting food coloring in products to look fun to younger consumers, putting preservatives in these products to make them have a longer shelf life at the store so product doesn’t go stale, and even spraying pesticides all over produce! Having fruit that never goes bad would make the world perfect but if the chemicals are so bad for you that the piece of fruit has no nutritional value after that, and is  harmful to you, is it really worth it?? If one person dies are food establishments going to cry over that unknown deceased person? As long as they have that last dollar from that value meal burger, there will be no tears shed. When it comes to a lawsuit though, it’s fine because they are all lawyered up, because they know what they are doing is wrong.
         Obesity is a big epidemic in this nation and until I started to look at all these causes such as income issues I just blamed it on the video games and T.V.  I mean have you ever wondered why your grandmother and grandfather were so thin and you look at old family recipes and everything has butter, or whole eggs, not butter substitute but the real thing! Think about it in those times farmers had control of what they did with the animal, so those cows and other farm raised animals ate grass not corn. So they were organic, no growth hormones injected in them, healthy animals, which meant dairy products were organic, wholesome, and just plain off good for you. House wives of this era would go to several different specialty stores for different items (No Wal-Mart here) such as the green grocer for organic in season fruits and vegetables (Because they couldn’t grow any other such way), the local butcher for meat, the bakery for breads or baked goods (most of the time house wives would make homemade breads, and other baked goods). The truly sad part of this is that farmers today who are getting paid to raise  cattle, chickens, or pigs, normally do not eat it themselves because they are aware of what harmful things they are giving these animals!
         Not only are we eating meat that is terrible for us we are also eating things called food like substances, or “fake foods” things that you wouldn’t have seen sixty years ago because the technology wasn’t around to make it, foods that have a ton of ingredients and the only ones you can actually pronounce are water, high fructose corn syrup, or enriched white flour, when it’s like this you know that this food wasn’t meant to put in your mouth! For example one day I was looking around the kitchen and my mom had bought some candy, I had forgotten that I ended up hiding it in the cabinet so that she couldn’t reach it, I hoped everyone would forget about it, I’M GLAD I  DID HIDE IT, I was reading the ingredients one day and the last ingredient was carnuba wax, carnuba wax is a wax used to wax cars, shoes, and put shiny finishes on candy, hmm… because everyone likes car wax (yeah right), so the next time you need that candy fix go sprinkle some sugar on the hood of your freshly waxed car because this is almost the same thing! Oh and let me ask what food group would that go into??
         Did you know when you eat foods; your taste buds are going after three things to tell you this is good food, Sugar, Salt, and Fat. If you give up and just let them win how is this world really going to live?? Simple answer we won’t, our palettes change once we say it’s time to change, and once we give up our beloved light mayo, and the sugar, and the non-organic bacon that we have come to love because we know no other.
         Americans are trying to get healthier and when you take something that says fat-free or sugar-free that product will sell off the shelves, but unknowingly the fillers in these products can make you gain weight, become ill, or even have caused death, would you really buy it after that; With the present econmoy, calories and cost are the biggest reasons our country is not winning the fight on this war it’s actually better to eat regular mayo in moderation, because it has less ingredients than the light kind and the light mayo is mostly made with fillers (yummy, not really), Skinny cow ice cream products, ridiculously low in calories, the reason it is, is because it mainly consists of corn (by the way a piece of corn would be better for you to eat, these ice cream products would not count as any type of grain you would eat)!! Astonishing right!! There is plenty more “fake foods” out there too and I’m sure they’re right in your kitchen cupboards.
         Just remember is this food something my grandmother would have heard of? Otherwise it’s most likely a “fake food” and if you are eating these “fake foods” ask yourself am I still the top of the food chain or is Sugar, Salt, and Fat eating me alive??