If you drive down every freeway in any big city you will see that the landscape will be stuff with billboards. Messages are exhibited on these mammoth landscape advertising wonders for services and products ranging from romantic proposals to political candidates asking for votes and God speaking to followers. Outdoor marketing is a seven billion dollar business in the USA alone in accordance with the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association of America). Not speaking about the visual pollutant factor; billboards are getting green and more eco favorable. New know-hows are works towards the following:

  • Fixing solar panels on top

  • Making billboards with applying recyclable materials

  • Discover ways to utilize wind turbines to exhibit company logos.

Billboard Recyclable Materials

The increasing number of billboard messages is being made of a recyclable material named Eco-Flexxâ„¢. The substance is a woven polyethylene and is believed to be high end of green technology. In accordance with the company's internet site, the new billboard substance is 100% recyclable. The Exo-Flexxâ„¢ substance is lighter in heaviness than the usual PVC (polyester fiber core) and is additionally non-toxic so that it could be melted down and recycled for an assortment of other resources.

Billboards Equipped with Solar Panels

Last year, PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation) installed the first solar battery equipped billboard in San Francisco. They connected 20 solar panels to the usual billboard's top. The panels produced enough energy to light the billboard at nighttime at least.

The extra energy produced from the solar panels was delivered back into power grid of Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation. PG&E have additionally installed solar power equipped billboards in South Africa and Canada.

Billboards with Wind Turbines

WePOWER, LLC introduced Windadvertisingâ„¢, one more technology being developed for out-of-doors marketing. Companies shell out to have their logotypes printed on the vertical windmills' blades. In accordance with some estimates, in case the approximately 500 thousand billboards in use this day would change to wind energy, Windadvertising could produce enough power to illuminate 1,500,000 homes.

OAAA Tracks Tendencies

The tendency towards more environmentally green billboards is cultivated by the OAAA. OAAA Communications Director said, "Much more than 65 % of the industry sector has converted to sole sheet posters. OAAA considers the current tendency toward the utilization of recyclable substances on billboards will carry on as more companies opt to convert."

Other Eco Friendly Actions

Different eco friendly attempts for outdoor advertising incorporate more energy effective lighting with the use of LED lights and marketing on solar panels fixed on buildings.

Out-of-doors advertising's long life is live example to the medium's efficiency. Finding methods to reduce its ecological footprint will help make marketers feel more environmentally friendly and greener when choosing to use outdoor marketing.