Hunting pigs is fun and dangerous. Maybe the danger makes it even more fun. Depending on where you are going on the pig hunt you will need to bring different gear. Hunting pigs in a forested valley is different from a dry brushy area which is also different from hunting pigs in the mountains. Be sure to score out your hunting spot in advance before you go. If you are an inexperienced hunter, you might want to ask a more experienced huntsman to tell you some good spots to go on your hunt. Here are some hunting tips for beginning hunters.

If you are hunting in the mountains for wild pigs, you should first know something about pigs. They are dirty animals who are also a great nuisance to the environment. You do not have to feel bad about hunting them, because you are actually doing a lot of farmers and forest animals a favor. Many wild life parks and reserves encourage pig hunting, since it helps destroy a common pest of both humans and other wild life. The next thing you should know is that pigs like to hang out in near shallow stagnant water, though they will also wallow on the banks of rivers and lakes.

GathePig (26702)ring the proper equipment is crucial for a good pig hunting experience. If you are a new hunter, you probably do not have a pack of hunting dogs, but do not worry about it. You can achieve the same results with good bait. Sometimes putting up bait a few days in advance is a good idea, since the pigs will usually flock to bait in groups. Then once you have a good visual on them you can either shoot from a hidden location, or confront them and shoot from a closer range. Either way they will scatter when the first shot is fired, but it is a little more dangerous to be up close with a wild pig. They are ferocious and will not hesitate to charge you. So if you have a lot of courage, you had better be sure to bring it for your outdoor adventures.