Mountain Bike Trails - Australia

Western Australia (WA) has two special trails which are attracting world-wide interest. When the second track is fully completed, intrepid travellers (and everyone else) will be able to walk or cycle their way through almost 1000 kilometres of unspoilt bushland, ancient karri and tingle forests and scenic river valleys, giving walkers and cyclists an experience afforded to only a few.

Both trails stretch from WA's capital, Perth to the port of Albany on the south coast. The Bibbulman Track is strictly for walkers while the Munda Biddi Trail caters for cyclists. The Bibbulman was opened in 1998 and Munda Biddi is not far from completion.

It begins in the suburb of Mundaring, Perth, while the Bibbulman Track begins from neighbouring Kalamunda. Munda Biddi is already becoming known as a world-class facility for those with a passion for off-road cycling. Over 21,000 visitors come each year to indulge in this adventure through some of Western Australia's finest country.

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Munda Biddi in the local Nyoongar language means 'path through the forest' and that's exactly what Munda Biddi is. The path is suitable for all cyclists regardless of their ability. It can be accessed by car so short sections can be cycled at your convenience. It follows a network of unsealed tracks and firebreaks. Abandoned railway networks are also utilised.

Eventually loops and spurs will be added. The track is all off-road so cycling is safe giving you the chance to enjoy the scenery at your leisure.

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The concept of the Trail was raised during a refurbishment of the Bibbulman back in the mid 1990s. The West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) and other off-road cycling enthusiasts thought a long distance off-road trail would be just as good for cyclists as for walkers. In later 1999, a development plan was completed and construction of the trail started in January 2001. In December 2000, the name was chosen and endorsed and the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation Incorporated was established.

The first stage of 332 kilometres was opened in 2004, fulfilling the vision of a number of volunteers, government and community representatives. This stage covered Mundaring to Collie. By the end of 2008, the half way mark was reached. From Collie the Trail goes to Jarrahwood (140km) then joins the existing 26km Sidings Rail Trail. The trail is now complete to Nannup.

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As this track is all off-road, your enjoyment will be enhanced if you do some research. While much of the terrain is gentle, there are some difficult sections and a few steep hills. You would be well advised to plan your trip to suit your fitness levels. Maps are available for the various sections.

Cycling off-road can include all types of surfaces and you won't be able to do the speeds you might do on a sealed road. If the going gets tough, get off your bike and enjoy the scenery while you catch your breath.

Like the Bibbulman, purpose built camp huts and tent sites have been established a comfortable day's ride apart. The track also passes through rural towns if you feel the need for a hot shower and a soft bed.

Western Australia's climate lends itself to all-year round cycling and the Munda Biddi has attracted much interest.