The Outdoor Art Club is rustic, romantic, and slightly bohemian. If you are looking for some unique and untraditional touch on your wedding, you will find it here.

It would also be surprising to many that The Outdoor Art Club is one of venues that it is one of the most affordable places you can get married in. In the outset, that may be hard to believe but when your realize the beauty that they are offering and the magic they will put on your day, you will realize that this is the perfect place if you are looking to make the most of your budget without having to sacrifice the details of your dream wedding.

The Ceremony

You can fill the floor with petals and walk on it to meet your groom on the other end of the patio. It is surrounded by perennials and an abundance of shrubbery which will truly make your wedding more colourful and picture perfect.

You can also take it in the clubhouse. It has rustic brown-shingled exterior, multi-paned windows and multiple sets of French doors which fits a bohemian theme the best and a casual theme second. When the doors are fully open, though, you will feel the outside coming in as it almost fully opens the walls to the air outside. It has beamed vaulted ceiling, hardwood floor and raised stage along one end.

You will not have to worry about decorating it since leaving it bare can provide you the warmth and beauty you so want.

The Food

They have recommended caterers but they don’t impose strict rules which mean you can bring in your own. Their kitchen is spacious. Your caterer will never have to worry about not having enough space. The kitchen is clean, big and has complete amenities that they will need to prepare the complete meal for your day.

You can also bring your own booze. No extra charge for this.

The Reception

You can also use either the patio or clubhouse as the place for your reception. Few things you will have to add are table cloth and some table decoration. The Outdoor Art Club will also provide tables and chairs which mean you can use your money for something else.

The Sun Porch may also be used for smaller groups. The entire place will be dominated the solemn atmosphere as it darkens outside. Candles or lights will make a dramatic effect.

The Amenities

There are many activities you can do near the venue. You can hike, jog and bike in the Woodland Villa Cabins or tour the Muir Woods Tour. You may also want to swing by the Bootjack - Rock Spring Trails to hike or go camping.

There is also an aquatic and fitness center for a different kind of work-out, in the water!

The Service

The planning staff will surely be very helpful in suggesting the best options you can take even if it means recommending a caterer that is not even on their list simply because they understand this wedding is about the beginning of your new life and not about the money they will earn.

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