Outdoor billiard tables are perfect if you live where it's warm, and love a game of pool outside. Playing pool on a nice day is a bit relaxing and refreshing. Outdoor billiard tables are completely resistant to weather. What it rains, snows, or there's a storm, outdoor pool tables are completely protected. There are plenty of advantages to having outdoor pool tables. For one, when you have barbecues outside, outdoor billiard games can keep guests entertained. Outdoor pool tables are more durable products. Whether you purchase indoor or outdoor pool tables, they aren't exactly cheap. Online you can find outdoor billiard tables for sale for good prices. Pool is a fun and entertaining game for kids and adults to play. Outdoor billiard pool tables can be bought for personal use, or business use, whichever you need.

The Super Table Outdoor Billiard Tables

The Super Table is completely weather proofed, and built to with stand the hottest and coldest temperatures. It's very dependable and sturdy. It's UV protected with its fiberglass facias frame. K-66 indoor rubber rails are not used on their outdoor pool tables. Neoprene rubber is used instead. Neoprene is much more reliable and is used for wet suits. The 5/8" fiber cement substrate won't allow the table to rust, break, or cause any damage due to weather. It's the same material that most exterior buildings use. The playing field is green and made with marine grade fabric. These are just good and reliable outdoor billiard pool tables. You can purchase Super Table outdoor billiard tables for sale online at sports unlimited inc for prices under $2,000 dollars. You might find used Super Table billiard tables for sale at ebay or ecarter.

7 Foot Orlando Outdoor Billiard Tables

Orlando outdoor billiard pool tables are weather proof resistant and its protected against UV. The cabinet body is made out of aluminum. The playing surface is 5/8" thick fiber glass, featuring a blue Taclon felt. The pool table is an even billiard table for smooth and efficient pool play. The pool table is unlikely to ever rust. If it snows, rains, then the table is completely resistant to all weather forecasts. Pool sticks, chalk, triangle, cue balls, and cue sticks are all included during your purchase for the Orlando billiard pool table. It's a heavy table that weighs 250 pounds. So it's hard for kids to move around. You can purchase 7 foot Orlando outdoor billiard tables for sale online at directgametables.com and americansupersports.com.

Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Timber Lodge Outdoor Billiard Tables

These are some of the most expensive outdoor billiard pool tables out on the market. Although expensive, you can purchase Groovy Stuff Teak Wood Timber Lodge outdoor billiard tables for sale right now for a 17% discount at log furniture place. The legs and body is made out of teak wood timber, giving it that woodsy feeling. Teak is very strong and durable. It's one of most durable woods that you can find. If you leave the pool table outside the teak turns into gray just the way teak wood does. It's an 8 foot pool table featuring championship k66 cushions. The felt used on teak wood outdoor billiard pool tables is the tour edition 3030 championship felt that comes the choice options of green, dark green, bottle green, olive, electric blue, gold, euro blue, navy, burgundy, wine, gray and black. Pool balls, pool racks, chalk, and pool sticks are included. Normally prices cost $10,000 dollars, but you can buy Groovy Teak Wood outdoor billiard tables for sale for around $8,000.

Where to Buy Outdoor Billiard Tables for Sale Under $1,000 Dollars

Finding outdoor billiard tables for sale under $1,000 dollars is definitely possible when shopping online. Outdoor pool tables that are brand new for well under $1,000 dollars. The 7 foot Reno 2 Billiard Tables costs around $700 dollars and it's a steady outdoor pool table. It features the k66 rubber bumper rails, drop pockets, white diamond inlays, and a burgundy wool cloth. Better yet the playing surface comes with a 7 year warranty. Other cheap billiard pool tables to purchase for outdoor use is the 7 foot Frisco 2 Billiard Table. It features majority of the same features of the Reno. It comes in a brown wool felt with maple wood veneer body frame and legs. It's going for similar prices.

If you're looking for the best deals on outdoor billiard tables for sale online, then used outdoor pool tables aren't such a bad way to go. Checkout online stores like ebay, amazon, and ecarter if you're looking to buy used billiard pool tables for sale. Those online sites will sell used outdoor billiard tables for sale for much cheaper prices than retail. Be sure to check for money guarantee back policies on used Billiard pool tables. Used outdoor pool tables might not be reliable products. You can find some used outdoor pool tables that are practically brand new. Outdoor pool tables are pretty durable. They're built to last.