Outdoor built-in grillsCredit: photo credit: Napoleon GrillsCredit: photo credit: Napoleon Grills

Nothing says open-air living like an outdoor built in grill.  The convenience of cooking in an outdoor living space makes entertaining and weekends at home more relaxing.  Most outdoor built in grills are available for set up using either propane or natural gas.  The are some built-in electric or charcoal grills also available.  If a natural gas line is easily accessible, the cost for fuel is considerably less.  For the amount of natural gas used by an outdoor grill, the cost is very low per year.

Built in grills differ from typical backyard BBQ grills because they are an insert without a base or wheel for support.  Take a typical grill found at a hardware store and remove only the cooking chamber on top.  Take this piece and improve the heat transfer and cooking surface, and the result is a built-in grill.  The smaller depth of the grill allow more options in the final design appearance of the outdoor grilling area.  From full outdoor kitchens, to an island BBQ, there are many choices for design using a drop-in grill.  Stonework, brick, or wood are typically used as materials to create a base for a built-in grill.  Counter tops around the grill are sometimes added to create a practical outdoor cooking area.  Natural stone, granite, and various tile that are weather resistant, but eye-appealing, are used for the counter tops in an outdoor kitchen space.

Outdoor grillsCredit: DCS Outdoor GrillsCredit: DCS Outdoor Grills

Where Weber owns the market in standard backyard BBQ grills, there is more competition in the high-quality built in grill market.  Specialty companies from warm climate areas began building outdoor kitchen appliances years ago.  The built-in grill market has taken off in recent years as many people have spent money to create functional relaxing decor at their own homes, in many different climates.  Companies like Dynamic Cooking Systems (DCS), Cal Flame, Napoleon Grills, Lynx, American Outdoor Grill, Fire Magic, and others, make outdoor kitchen grills.

Built in grill sizes vary from 28 inch wide to a huge 52 inch size.  The depth usually ranges from a slim 8 inches to 12 inches, not including the hood.  Accessories like motorized rotisseries,  additional built-in ceramic heaters inside the grilling chamber, side burners, matching storage cabinet doors, and infrared burner upgrades are available as options from most companies.  Infrared burners are the latest high-demand feature from grill customers.  The infrared burners help retains moisture, but infused a charbroil taste.

Outdoor living with an outside kitchenCredit: photo credit: DSC GrillsCredit: photo credit: DSC Grills