Outdoor cat houses offer the absolute best protection for your furry feline companions by providing them with a cozy place where they can enjoy the great outdoors without being harmed or getting into mischief. There are a wide range of options and they all offer great protection as well as a great place for your cat to get some fresh air and sunlight. There are a plethora of different types of outdoor cat houses for you to choose from. They come in a wide array of sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. If you are not happy with the ones that are available to buy, then you always have the option to build one yourself.

There are also a wide variety of resources to help you make your own so that you can ensure that it is safe enough for your cat. After all, it is important to make sure that the enclosure you buy or build is capable of providing adequate protection while also being a structure that is safe and sturdy. There are different kinds of cat houses and enclosures. While some are self contained others actually connect to your home to provide your cat with a walkway through which they can access their outdoor enclosure whenever they please. These kinds of enclosures usually securely attach to a window for easy access for both you and your cat.

Also available are smaller portable models that are easily erected and disassembled and put away when they are not in use. These are great not only for everyday use in your yard. They are also great for when you are vacationing, traveling, or camping when you want to take your cat along for the adventure. The best part about these smaller models is that they can be easily dismantled and stowed away. They are lightweight and are the perfect alternative to a more permanent fixture in your yard. You can find an outside cat house in almost any style imaginable.

While some are designed like cages others are more like miniature tents like the ones used for camping. Theses have netting that is strong enough to keep you cat inside while also providing them with protection from outside elements. It makes no difference which style of outdoor cat house you choose for your cat, they are all great for giving them the time outside that they need. The main thing to consider when choosing an outdoor cat enclosure is how permanent you want the structure to be. There are many different kinds to choose from regardless if you want something portable and light or if you are wanting to erect a sturdier heavy enclosure that can weather through years of use and still provide adequate protection for your cat.

Many of the more permanent cat houses are made of strong building material that is sure to stand the test of time. You can be sure that cat houses of this level of build will last through many years of use, while providing an excellent outdoor getaway for your furry feline friend. A few of the bigger cage-like enclosures offer the option of connecting them to your house through a walkway that easily attaches to most windows. These are great because they give your cat the freedom to choose when they spend time outside. That way they can go out and come in whenever they like. Some of the bigger sized outside cat houses are even large enough for a grown person to walk inside of. This is excellent if you wish to go outside and spend time with your cats and have direct contact with them as well.

Some cat enclosures are built from a flexible mesh that is both soft and strong. This helps to provide your cats with an enclosure that is both comfortable and safe for them too. The materials that are used in these types of enclosures is extremely resilient so there is no need to worry about the cat breaking through and getting out. Because these light weight materials cost less, enclosures of this type are much more affordable than the heavier models that require more effort to construct. These light weight outdoor cat houses are also easier to put together and disassemble whenever they need to be. Because of their extremely convenient lightweight design, these types of outdoor cat enclosures are also extremely easy to store during the off seasons.

If you don't like the idea of your cat being confined in such a small area and would like to provide them with more space to roam, then there are other options. There are kits that you can buy to make your backyard fence "cat-proof". That is to say that there are containment systems that can be attached to any fence that can keep your cat from being able to cross it. These systems are very easy to install and virtually turn your backyard into one giant outdoor enclosure for your cat.

You simply attach the kit to the top side of the fence. This provides a barrier that has enough of a slant to keep your cat from straying into the yard next door. Installing one of these cat containment systems is fairly easy, and it will go a long way to helping you keep your cats out of your neighbor's yard. These barriers are excellent for people who have fenced in yards. They are the perfect alternative to the cage-like outdoor enclosures. The only drawback is they are only an option if tour yard is indeed fenced in otherwise the traditional enclosure is your only alternative. These barrier systems are good because they give your cat the freedom to roam the entire yard without being confined in a limited space.

It makes little different which type of out door cat house you have in mind as you can find reviews for each and every kind online. By reading about other people's experiences with the various types of outside cat houses, you can develop a better idea of which one will work best for you and your cat's needs. It is always good to do a fair amount of product research and review reading before deciding on any particular product. This allows you to get a better feel for which kind of cat enclosure will work best for your situation. Also it will also help you to ensure the safety and happiness of your cat in the years to come.e