Looking to lighting is an easy thing to forget until you are at the end of a project. When spending money, investing time, and dealing with your home torn apart until the job is totally done a major part should not be overlooked. Choosing outside lighting and an outdoor chandelier should all be part of the plans and process of building a deck.

Covered decks are also commonly referred to as porches. Decks tend to be closer to the ground than a porch. Small high porches are most often considered balconies. Covered decks are the focus of this article. Building a deck onto a home may sound simple enough, but being sure that things like ground settling, running wiring to the outside of the home, leveling a site, and any cement work should include the help of a professional. It is easy to get ahead of yourself and simply begin digging. But first drawings should be put into use. Some contractors are able to do amazing work with even a pencil sketch, but still time has to be put into drawing one up. There are limitations of how far lumber can stretch without support. There are also different kinds of wood that are better for exteriors of homes than others. Most decks and porches are built out of pressure treated lumber. Western Red Cedar is a wood that is very unique. It is at times referred to as the 'tree of life'. It can have a life of 100 years without needing often treatment of stains and sealants. It has natural oils that repel insects and also helps to slow and block decay and mold.

Wiring in is another major factor when a deck is going to be added onto a home. Wires can usually be run from the electric panel in the home. Romex or wire pulled through conduit is installed. Then electric boxes, and light boxes are hung. If a ceiling fan or heavy outdoor candle chandelier is going to be included then appropriate boxes and supports for them are also installed in the superstructure.

Choosing an outdoor chandelier is not too difficult. A homeowner should find pride in matching colors, styles, and shade varieties to blend with the other exterior things of the home. If the garden has a Spanish Flair then Kichler lighting has an outdoor lighting collection that you should consider. If you have a tropical feel to your outside spaces, then a ceiling fan with palm branch inclination for the paddles might be a great idea.

Outdoor chandeliers with candles are unique. Not requiring wiring, it is a good choice when an owner wants to economize and not install special lighting for outside. There are also outdoor candle chandeliers that utilize candelabras to give the appearance of candles, but still utilize electricity. Some specialty candelabras even give the appearance of a flickering flame. In a breeze it can be very hard to get a candle to stay lit, and may not be extremely safe either, whereas the electric chandelier would not have this limitation.

Decks should be painted with exterior sealant to help preserve it. Pressure treated lumber may not need stained for the first few years. Then a coat of high quality sealant should be used when it shows sighs of wear from weather and use. Covered decks need less maintenance than open decks but the railing and trim work will need attention. One of the quickest ways to weather a deck is to let yard sprinklers overspray onto it.

So when your turn comes to add a deck, investing in good plans, a competent contractor, and a stylish outdoor chandelier will give you a lovely finished product.