Summer is now in full swing and is probably time for you to do some outdoor clothing shopping. Outdoor clothing shopping is so fun in the summer months but can be a little tricky if you're a big on top and tall in addition to that. But, let me give you some outdoor clothing tips that will make your shopping trips that much easier.

I think no matter what season of the year it is totally fine to have a boxy denim jacket, preferably in a darker wash, a darker wash helps to downplay your chest area considerably and take attention away from your bust.

Another outdoor clothing must end this season is having a scoop neck knit top that opens the area up around you chest. You don't have to show any cleavage at all if you don't want to but, outdoor clothing tops that show a little bit of your chest, it gives a more feminine look.

Cotton A- line skirts are great for outdoor clothing. Outdoor clothing and cotton go hand-in-hand because it's good material and stays much cooler. An A-lined skirt with a light color will help keep all the attention down from your breast and more to the lower part of your body or simply just create more union between the top half of your body in the bottom half.

With outdoor clothing in the summer it is totally fine to experiment with prints. Just remember, when you're taller than most people you need to keep your prints more to the larger side when you're prints that are too small for your frame t creates a sense of imbalance. Also, be sure that the prints you choose have enough space between each item so that you're not being crowded by flowers or polka dots.

Here is one outdoor clothing tip that is often overlooked for tall women. When you are tall, and you wear three-quarter sleeves, it can really make you look like you've just outgrown your clothes and that look is not too nice. Just like any other type of clothing outdoor clothing it should look balanced. So instead of wearing three-quarter sleeve, you may want to take that three-quarter sleeve and roll it up past your elbow; doing this will cause you to look much more balanced.

So, I hope you're outdoor clothing shopping will be such fun! Outdoor clothing shopping for tall women can be just as exciting for average height or petite woman. I have given you all the tools that you need to find the best outdoor clothing for your beautiful stature.