Creating privacy on your outdoor patio can be as simple as installing outdoor curtains for patio and or decks.

You can get outdoor curtains for gazebos and many other structures, but if you have a patio without this structure, you simply put up a frame or even string some strong wire or cord across the area you would like to section off with these outdoor curtains.

You can get creative with outdoor fabric panels they move in the breeze and add such beauty to your patio or deck.  They are totally washable, and you purchase them in panels, so you decide just how much area you want curtained off.

If you just want to simply divide your patio from another, or just want to add more privacy from the yard or neighbours, but don’t want to go down the route of a full framed gazebo, or trellis, then consider securely stringing a cord or strong wire from point A to point B, and then with the rust proof grommets, you can simply feed these outdoor curtains for patio onto your cord or wire and let the panels move in the breeze.

These look really nice on the patio or back deck.  Make sure you allow for their height, and then enjoy.  I have also seen these panels added to a froOutdoor Curtains for Pationt covered porch.

If you are looking for ways to add dimension to your patio, then adding outdoor curtains is a great way to divide your patio or deck as well.  They can be taken down easily, making this a great idea for any property including a rental property. 

You can totally soften your surroundings, and create seating areas with these outdoor drapes.  They are a quick way to add a dividing wall, and you can separate the panels to add interest.  You can get these in many colours, but white looks good against the garden and any other strong colours you may have out on your patio.

Sheer Outdoor Drapes / Only Grommet-top - 84"l, Each , White

You could take this a step further, by stringing outdoor lights at the top of the drapes or on the rail you have created.  The outdoor LED lights you can get now are not hot and would look good against the softness of the outdoor curtains for patio.  Tiny lights would work well.  This would be a great way to make an outdoor dining area cozy for that dinner party on the patio.

If you have a larger patio, and want to have a more romantic spot for dinner or an intimate party, then sectioning it off with outdoor curtains for patio or deck would work well.  You can also try a teak outdoor privacy screen if you would prefer something more sturdy or even patio blinds on your front porch.  There are all kinds of alternatives to expensive construction to enjoy your yard this year.  If you have a chain link fence you could even consider chain link privacy slats to create a private haven in your back yard.

If you just happen to have a permanent gazebo style structure, you could add rails in the openings and add outdoor curtains or drape panels to these openings to give a sense of privacy and defuse the sunshine a bit, plus there is nothing more romantic than soft curtains panels outside on the patio or deck or gazebo in the evening with the soft summer breezes.

You can get these at most outdoor stores or home improvement stores, but you can also get lots of choices online at such sites as Amazon.  This is such a quick way to add softness to your patio or deck.