It is not all the time that you come across a dog kennel that is adequately maintained. For the most part dog owners are too busy trying to maintain their houses that they hardly have time for the well being of their pets. But if you are interested in getting the best for a pet, outdoor dog kennels are the way to go. Nevertheless it helps very little if you know nothing about maintenance.

The first thing is to ensure that your kennel is well bedded. Dogs always love to lie on something, regardless of whether they have fur of their own. Blankets work wonders but the best thing to do with these is to make sure that they are always washed. Blankets always get easily infested with flees. These can cause great discomfort for your dog and are a major hassle to get rid of. Even worse, the flees can then infest your home and become a pest for you and your children.

So by washing the bedding you get rid of flees. Kennels can get really humid sometimes and when they do so they become breeding places for flees and other parasites. These can breed in millions if you do not keep a careful watch over this. The good news is that if you wash the blanket in the washing machine with hot water and a lot of soap, you can nip this problem in the bud.

Cleansing a kennel with disinfectant is another way to ensure that parasites do not breed there. Salmonella oil is one remedy for parasites, especially flees. So visit you vet and enquire about salmonella as this can save you from further expenses if at all your dog gets diseased. Another alternative is to rub it on your dogs body as this will eventually spread around the kennel. Incidentally, if you are worried about the expenses that can arise when your dog gets ill, look around for cheap dog insurance. It can really save a bundle in emergencies.

Most kennels are made from wood. If this is the case it is advisable to treat the wood with chemicals made for treating timber. Such grease or used car oil will protect the structure from termites that may try to actually bite the kennel into tiny fragments. Without such a protective measure you will not be surprised to see your outdoor dog kennel fall to pieces when a gentle breeze blows past. Injuries sustained that way most likely will not be covered by cheap dog insurance.