It is late at night when you finally arrive at home. As you fumble to unlock your front door, you wonder if you are alone or could there be waiting intruders. If your home lacks proper outdoor lighting, you may not know until it is too late. Wouldn't you like to have some type of outdoor flood light automatically turn on as you pull into the driveway.

Outdoor Flood Lights

Outdoor lighting can provide security and also an added sense of comfort. It provides assistance in seeing and not stumbling in the dark as you return home. It also provides perimeter security lighting while you are at home. It makes sense that a lighted home is much safer than a dark shadowy house.

Outdoor flood lights are available with several choices of operation, with motion sensor activation the most popular. The light will come on for a preset length of time when the sensor detects any type of motion. Most motion sensor activated lights allow you to aim the sensor to cover specific areas of your property. This will help in eliminating activation from the normal street traffic that occurs.

Timer activated and dusk-to-dawn activation are a couple of other choices of operation that are available. Of course, those wired through a common household switch are also available. There are also some available that allow you to switch from motion activation to the dusk-to-dawn mode, depending upon your preference. I personally think that motion sensor activation is the most economical. It provides the security needed, yet isn't on all night running up the electric bill.

Outdoor Flood Lights can be purchased in a wide variety of styles that should fit anyone's needs. There are types that are electrically powered or those that are solar powered.

Some of the bulb types available include incandescent, quartz halogen, high-intensity discharge (high pressure sodium and metal halide), CFL, and LED. You should be advised though that CFL and high-intensity discharge types are not appropriate for use with motion sensors.

It is best to assess your home and property for areas that may present safety or security issues. Depending upon your assessment and needs, you may decide on landscape or path lighting, porch lights, garage mounted, or wall mounted around the perimeter of your home. It should then be a simple matter to come up with a realistic purchase list. Then the work of installing everything begins.