Great outdoor games for kids

Outdoor games for kids are something you must think about before putting your kids out in the yard and letting them play. Letting your children spend all their time watching the television, playing online board games, playing on the games console, surfing the internet, doing some type of arts and crafts, reading a book or doing any indoor activity is not good for them. Children need to get out in the fresh air and get some vitamin D, which is achieved from sun exposure. On those nice warm days you should encourage your children to get out of the house and go and play in the back yard.

It’s all well and good getting the kids outside, but what do they do when they are out there? What outdoor activities for kids are there? What outdoor games for kids are there? There are plenty of well known and popular outdoor games for kids, however if you stop and think about it for a few moments there are many of other things you can come up with. However, if you get stuck here are some top outdoor games for kids to get you started.

1) Water games

All children love water, especially on a hot summer’s day and there is no better way in getting your kids outside than bribing them with some water.  There are many great water based games and, best of all, they are suitable for people of all ages including yourself.

Water limbo is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy. In traditional limbo a wooden pole is set between two posts for you to go underneath without knocking the pole off. In water limbo the wooden pole is replace by a stream of water which is created by raising a hose resting a hose pipe of a bench, chair or some other support. If the participant touches the stream of water and gets wet they have failed the task. An alternative to going under the stream of water is to jump over it instead.

Water tag is a game where by the person who is “it” has a water pistol and has to tag the other participants by shooting them with a water pistol. Once a player has been hit they become “it” and take control of the water pistol. A variant of this game is to play freeze water tag, which is where a player has to stand still once hit with the water pistol and the remaining players have to set the player free by touching their hand, without being shot by the person who is “it”.

Other water games involve filling up a paddling pool and bobbing for apples, putting some wrapped chocolates on to the bottom of the paddling pool and then diving down and retrieving them using just your mouth, putting some ice cubes in to the water and then trying to get them out using just your feet. If this is not enough of a challenge try using one foot instead.

2) Kick the can

This game is a variant of the classic games of all time, hide and seek. One player is designated “it” and has to guard and protect the can which is laid down in the open. In order to play the game the person who is “it” has to count to thirty (or higher) whilst the other players runs off and hides. The person who is “it” has to go and find and tag the other players. Once a player is found he must run to the can and kick it before the person who is “it” tags him. If the player gets tagged he is captured and has to be put in jail until another player releases him by outrunning the person who is “it” and
kicks the can.

Kick the can is a great game although it can get very competitive, which is not always such a good thing. Kick the can is a game that works best with at least three players, although the more the better.

3) French cricket

French cricket is a game which involves a cricket bat and a ball. There are no wickets in French cricket and the batsman doesn’t have to run anywhere. In fact, the batsman remains in one place and cannot move his feet. In order to get the batsman out another player must catch the batted ball. The batsman must move his feet or the ball must hit the batman’s legs between the knee and the ankle on either the front, back or sides of the legs.

In French cricket the ball is bowled from wherever it lands. So, if the batsman misses the ball and it lands behind him the next ball will be bowled from that location. The batsman cannot turn around and face the bowler although he can turn his body as far around as it will go in order to strike the ball.

4) Treasure hunt

For something a bit different why not set your kids on a treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is going to require some thought and input as you are going to have to devise a list of “treasure” items for your kids to find. When devising the list you must ensure the items can actually be found. If you are stuck for items think about things like a specific type of leaf, bird’s feather, a rock with a hole in it etc. Once you have devised your list of items give it to your kids, give them a time limit (such as an hour or two) and set them off on their way. The winner is the first child back with all the items or the child with the most items at the end of the allotted time.

A treasure hunt is not something you can do in your back yard, unless you own many acres of land of course. For a treasure hunt to work you have to get out in the country side and go to a National park or local woodland.

5) Outdoor art

If your children like drawing and art this may be the perfect thing for them. Give your kids some coloured chalk and let them run riot on the path ways, patio, sidewalk or pavements. This is something where your kids’ imaginations can riot and they can draw whatever they want how they want.

You can make it a competition and award prizes for the most colourful drawing, the most modern drawing or whatever else you want. You should never have a prize for the “best” drawing and all the kids should win some kind of award, even if it is one for the “most effort” or something like that.

The best thing about chalk is that once the drawings are finished and photographed the pavement, patio or whatever has been drawn on can be cleaned down using water and a scrubbing brush, which will not leave any permanent marks.

Outdoor games for kids

There are loads of outdoor games for kids that will not only keep them amused once they are outside, but will also get them wanting to leave the confines of the house and get out in the fresh air.