Lighting has become quite the craze in residential property these days and no lighting has become more prevalent than the outdoor garden lights seen on almost every residential property. In the past, with the exception of Christmas, outdoor lighting around most homes was used primarily just to provide some security for people's property. Now it seems that people use specialty lighting for nearly every occasion. Each holiday requires a certain theme that can only be produced by lighting designed especially for that particular circumstance. These are not just a few lights to show our observance of the holiday, but elaborate displays including life size figures that inflate and deflate when the lights go on and off.

The outdoor garden lights we see today around most every residential property truly show the products of peoples vivid imaginations and draw ones attention to the landscape and architectural features of the property that would otherwise go unnoticed during hours of darkness. This lighting helps to draw us to the winding path and walkways through the beautiful garden displays and high value landscaping that occupies yards that in the past were merely wide expanses of need to mow grass. Of course, at some level, these lights also provide for the safe travel needed on these walkways as they change levels and wind their way through our lawns and gardens. By lighting our property, we help to provide for the safety and well being of our guest which helps to protect us from what has become quite a litigious society.

Even though these outdoor garden lights provide some for some obvious practical applications, their primary use today is to highlight the unique features that enhance our property. If the intent were just a matter of practicality, the many lights that shine through those specimen trees and up the side of the house would be redirected and used in other areas if they were used at all. However, with their use being to show off the property, these elaborate outdoor lighting plans truly take on a majestic appearance as the landscaping on the property matures.

I have seen many beautiful homes through the years and have noticed many have one thing in common. The homes that are the envy of the neighborhood always pay attention to the details. Why more people do not utilize outdoor garden lights to lengthen the amount of time they can enjoy their property and highlight their largest investment truly escapes me. By taking inspiration from these well designed properties, every home owner can have an outdoor area with beautiful curb appeal that can be enjoyed any time of the day or night.