Your yard is the perfect canvas for creating the ultimate Halloween atmosphere around your home, and it all begins with outdoor Halloween lights. These decorations are specially crafted to make your home extra spooky while surviving the weather themselves. Here we'll shine a scary light on outdoor Halloween lights, including some of the best options available and where you can buy your favorites.

Outdoor Halloween Lights: Make Your Yard BOO-tifulpumpkin lights

The Halloween season is arguably only second to Christmas time when it comes to dressing up your home for the holidays. People love to spook the neighborhood children as they trick-or-treat or they want to throw a theme party filled with Halloween decorations to make the night special. Either way, as people approach your home, you'll need some outdoor Halloween lights to set the tone.

Like most Halloween decorations, there are a lot of popular styles of outdoor Halloween lights, from silly styles meant as accent lights to spooky lamps that are a focal point to your scary look. These Halloween lights are built with weatherproof materials or materials so inexpensive that replacing them is not a budget breaker. You can find these lights using either AC or battery power. The battery power, of course, lets you take your lighting further away from your home, so you can dress up your mail box and driveway trees. Below are a few of the more popular types you'll see during the season.

Halloween String Lightsghost halloween string lights

Following a Christmas tradition, Halloween string lights add some real festiveness to the occasion. You can use generic fairy lights for Halloween, or you can get thematic and really dress up your place with some unique Halloween icons. There are floating ghost string lights, pumpkin string lights, string lights made to look like flying witches, and many more. They make excellent Halloween backyard lights since they can span long distances.

inflatable monster lightsInflatable Monster Lights

Get a little gruesome, (but in a fun way of course) with some inflatable monsters who appear to glow from the inside. These inflatable monster lights won't brighten up big spaces, but they do create a stir and draw a lot of conversation. You can find everything from witches with their boiling cauldrons to inflatable, green-glowing Frankenstein monsters.

Monster Lanternsmonster lantern

Want to really bring home the scary? Try a monster lantern where the monster is crawling out of the ground upon which it is placed. A popular one is the resurrected skeleton with a lantern in hand. Spooky and fun, these lanterns can really get people talking. They are great as a Halloween porch decoration or placed out in the yard.

halloween rope lightsHalloween Rope Lights

A variation on string lights, Halloween rope lights use the same tiny LED lights, but encase them in a plastic casing (typically colored orange or black for the season) that is flexible, translucent, and weatherproof. It gives them the appearance of rope, and with it you can really dress up your outdoor walls. They are perfect as patio Halloween lights since you can use it as accent piping that outlines windows or door frames. You can even make outline drawings of  some basic Halloween shapes.

Halloween Paper Lanternshalloween paper lanterns_2

Paper lanterns are used for many special events, and you can find cheap paper lanterns throughout the year. But Halloween time brings a whole new spin to these lights. You'll find Halloween paper lanterns in some incredible spooky styles and shapes from subtle seasonal colors, to witches hats and zombie heads, and many more. These lights can be strung across wide open outdoor spaces, or you can bunch a few together and place them at different heights to add dimension to a patio corner. While paper isn't weatherproof, these lanterns are so inexpensive (a dollar or two per paper lantern) that replacing them will not set you back too much. Still, they are best for a covered patio or to string for specific special events and then immediately taken down.

jack-o-lantern lightPumpkin Lights

Because of the pumpkin's round shape and famous jack-o-lantern grins and grimaces, pumpkin lights are a Halloween outdoor lighting favorite. You can carve up a real pumpkin (or pick up an aritificial one) and use tea lights inside. Or you can purchase a wide variety of thematic LED lights from mini-pumpkin string lights to pumpkin paper lanterns. You can even get porch light covers shaped like jack-o-lanterns to add some drama to the lights already around your home.

The Price And Where To Buy Outdoor Halloween Lights

The prices for these lights do range as there are so many types of outdoor lights available. But you can find most of them from a few dollars (paper lanterns)  to no more than $30 or $40 (inflatable monster lights).

You can get all of these great outdoor Halloween lights through There is almost always a sale going on more than a few of these lights, and you can buy them year round, so you can prep for the season at any time.

As Halloween draws close, you'll find many department and party stores carry selections of outdoor Halloween lights. These will normally be limited compared to what you'll find online (and usually a bit more pricey), but if you are out shopping, take a peek down that Halloween aisle and see what's available. They can really set the tone for this spookiest of all seasons.