So, you have one of those free spirited cats, that loves to be outside. He has access to your garage, closed in front porch, wood shed, or possibly the barn, where he seems to go at night. But you worry about him on those sub zero winter nights, so you can now treat him to a outdoor heated cat bed.

Before you hit the back button with fears of huge electric bills for your cat, or your cat being warmer than you are, you can get these beds that use 40 watts of power. Most of these heated pet pads or beds stay at a temperature of 100 degrees which is very comfortable for a pet. They are UL rated, and safe for pets.

The best part about a heated pet bed, is that you can get them just a heated pad if you want, but you know how cats like to cozy up inside of things. Well you can get kitty campers, and kitty houses that look like fun little play houses, with escape doors (if needed) and yet warm and comfy. They love to hide or watch the world from a peep hole!




This is one way to make sure your kitty is home each night. They quickly get used to this nice warm bed. This Kitty Camper is one great cat bed. It looks like a tent, but is durable and the pad  inside is heated. It also had dual thermostat control heating, so when the she leaves the little camper, it stays at a moderate 10 degree temperature above room temperature, until she comes back and then stays at 100 degrees, so you can just leave it plugged in all the time.

As long as you have access to an electrical outlet, you can set your kitty up with a nice warm bed at night. You can also use these indoors, they are fun and warm for your feline friend. The cord is steel wrapped, just in case you have a chewing cat. This particular kitty camper has 2 exit doors, which are great for outdoor pets but also fun for the indoor kitty to play in, and then curl up for a nap.

You can get this bed at Amazon online. (pictured)

If you feel bad for your cats outside in the really frosty winter nights, then getting them an affordable way to stay warm, is the next best thing to bringing them inside your house.

Many hardened outdoor cats will love the warmth of a heated bed. Most cats will try and find a corner to curl up in, when trying to find a spot to sleep for the night. When the temperature really dips, it can be hard on their health.

So, if you have one of those free spirited critters, or you just prefer to have outdoor pets, or even "working cats" as in mousers on farms, then providing them with a dual control heated bed, such as this kitty camper with a roof, is a great way to add comfort to their night.

If on the other hand, your indoor kitty is feeling her age with stiff joints, a nice warm bed may feel like the lap of luxury! She can have her own little house, and feel warm at the same time. These are pretty efficient little beds.



K&H Outdoor Kitty House, Heated
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(price as of Oct 21, 2016)
This is another option for keeping your pet warm outdoors.