Ok, so maybe you are a cat lover, and have a few, and maybe they like to spend a lot of time outdoors. But you worry about them outside, and especially at night, with all the dangers that are lurking in those dark bushes and cold corners. But what if you could provide them with a heated cat house?

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K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House, 18 x 22 x 17-Inches, Heated - Olive
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If you have free spirited kitties, that just can't be kept in the house, and you don't like the idea of a pet door in your house, for security, and who knows what other critters your kitty might bring home for a sleepover? Then you should consider a heated home for them, especially if you live in the colder climates.

Outdoor kitties search out garages, sheds, under porches and dense bushes, and not always at your house, to try and keep warm at night, so if you can provide them with a place to stay, they will come home.

If you have a couple of cats or kitties that like to snuggle, then you should check out the latest heated outdoor homes for pets. There are many for single kitties who like to snuggle, that you can keep on the front porch, wood shed, or garage, but this one is created from a insulated nylon with a vinyl backing that makes it waterproof and will get through a winter.

It also comes with a Lectro soft heated kitty bed to keep them warm and toasty and it only uses 20 watts of power.  Perfect for those cold days and nights for your outdoor kitty friends who will cuddle in this warm kitty house.  If you want to use the heated mat, you just need to be able to plug it in possibly to an outdoor outlet.

There is an overhang on the roof to cover both doors to keep the weather out.  It is also very easy to assemble and can be out there in minutes.  Your kitty will love you!

You can get this heated home from Amazon

Your cat or cats will think they have gone to heaven.  This makes a great heated home  for the working farm with working cats, you can put this heated house in the barn, or yard. But maybe you want to protect some feral cats in the yard and give them some warmth. Whatever your reason, this is a great home for the outdoor kitty.  If you want to use the heated mat, you will need to be able to plug it in.  

You could also put this in a shed or front porch, on the deck or you could put it in your house, as it is a cool and sleek looking pet house. So, pamper your cats, and give them a place to live, if they are those "free spirited" kitties, or working cats. On those cold frosty nights, they are going to love this nice warm house, you may want to get a couple, but kitties love to snuggle.

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