Decorating for the Christmas season has become a very big thing. People love lighting their houses and driving around looking at what others have done. Outdoor LED Christmas lights have made this practice a wiser, safer, and more stunning thing to do.

First of all, lighting your house up with Christmas lights can be expensive. With LED Christmas lights you get all the beauty for a fraction of the cost. They use 10% of the energy that traditional strings of lights would use. This will save you a bundle on your electricity bill.

They are also loads safer. Each light produces less energy then its traditional counterpart. This makes it less of a fire hazard, even in a tree. The bulbs of the LED lights are also made of plastic instead of glass. This makes it harder to break them, no matter how you treat them.

You have a ton of options when it comes to choosing outdoor LED Christmas lights. You can find them in a huge variety of colors and shapes. You can get them in traditional shapes and sizes, snowflakes, icicles, stars, and more. However it doesn't stop there and they continue to provide a wide range of cool shapes for our enjoyment. Colors also include the traditional red, white, and green. But they don't stop there with blue, pink, and purple lights as well. You can also choose lights that blink, twinkle, and chase. Or choose ones that stay solid the whole time. The choices are yours.

Another huge advantage the to LED Christmas lights is the ability to safely hook them end to end. Other lights can get dangerous when you do this and if it is safe only suggest you do it a few times. With LED lights you can hook up to 40 sets together end to end. This gives you a lot of control of your outdoor lighting.

It is true that LED lights are more expensive. In fact, most strands will run you about $20 each. Often this is more expensive then traditional strands. This cost should be considered over the lifetime of the lights though. The traditional strand of lights lasts 2,000 to 3,000 hours. On the other hand the LED lights last 100,000 hours. Even if you get traditional lights for a $1 and that strand lasts the maximum amount of time that it could of 3,000 hours you would still only get lights that will take you to 60,000 hours worth of light time. Plus you would have to replace the strand 20 times!

Outdoor LED Christmas lights are the way to go. They use less energy, are safer, and still come in a huge variety of options!