If you have an outdoor space the chances are that you will need outdoor lamps to make full use of it. Outdoor lighting means that you can spend more time enjoying the outside- extending into the night time. There are many forms of outdoor lighting you could choose to use, anything from candles to wired in deck lights or lamp posts, or solar outdoor lamps. However you decide on your lighting it will have a large impact on the feel of your patio or deck area.

Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor floor lamps are free standing lamps just like the floor lamps you would have inside your house. They are made of weather resistant materials and will have a weighted base to keep the unit safely on the ground. These kinds of floor lamps are usually made of metal or other weather able strong materials. Wrought iron is always a useful material for the outside room, metal is strong and withstands the weather well, it is also dense and heavy so it will be more stable in the winds.

Outdoor Table Lamps

Artistic Weatherproof Outdoor LampThese table lamps are designed to withstand the elements. The shades are made of weather resistant materials that can resist mold or mildew, be washable and cope with the rain or sun. They are powered by grounded cables that come with longer than usual leads to allow maximum choice in where to position the lamps. The stands of outdoor lamps will need extra weight in the bottom to make them more stable. There are many interesting designs for outdoor table lamps anything from the highly original to matching with your interior lamps to allow your outdoor room to flow from the inside out.

Outdoor Heat lamps

Outdoor heat lamps allow the ability to combine a heater with a light show. Outdoor patio heaters are a very useful addition to any patio area and allow you to get the most from you outdoor room. The heat lamps are mostly propane or gas fueled and glows in the dark. The light show depends upon the metals used and the temperature they get to. Most heat lamps will have a canopy over the top to reflect the heat back down to where you will be sitting.

Outdoor Solar Lamps

The big advantage of solar lighting it that it can be placed anywhere, moved easily and requires no external power. It also costs nothing but the sun to run and is safe. Solar lamps are available in many different forms - anything from lamp posts to candle lanterns. Outdoor garden lighting can become a kaleidoscope of colors with solar lighting. And you will never need to change a bulb!

Outdoor Lamp Post

Lamp Post by LuisRock62Outdoor lamp posts are a great feature to add to your yard or garden. They can be decorated with hanging baskets and flowers to make it even more of a feature. Lamp posts are available in solar powered forms which mean they can easily be placed anywhere.

Whatever form of outdoor lighting you choose, it will add another dimension to your outdoor entertaining.