Hanukkah Inflatables for The Festival of Lights

Updated November 2018

Outdoor lawn inflatable decorations for Hanukkah are the newest addition for the December holidays. For years, Jewish families watched their neighbors decorate their lawns for Christmas with inflatable Santa Clauses, reindeer, elves and large snowmen. Now there is an opportunity for Jewish families to join in the fun with outdoor inflatable lawn ornaments for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Inflatables for The Festival of Lights

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Some Jewish people may feel that all of this decorating for a minor holiday is unnecessary. Christmas is a major holiday on the Christian calendar. Hanukkah, on the other hand, celebrates a military victory and is minor in importance. They feel the only reason some Jewish families seem to go all out is so that their children do not feel left out during the festive Christmas season. 

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Is an 8 foot inflatable Hanukkah menorah big enough for you? It comes with a fan that will make set up a breeze. The tie downs are also included and when the holiday is over, it deflates easily and can be stored for the following year.


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 This 7 foot tall giant Hanukkah bear is both whimsical and shares some Judaic objects with all whom walk by. Not only is the bear holding a chanukiyah, but is wearing a kippah on his head and wearing a tallit (the Jewish prayer shawl) around his shoulder. It will grand in your front yard. So many kids and adults love anything that has to do with animals.

Hanukkah String Lights

Others feel it is all in fun and displaying inflatable Hanukkah decorations and putting up Hanukkah string lights  gets you in the holiday spirit along with your Christian neighbors. Why not join in with the others, show your Jewish pride, and have your lawn be part of the neighborhood holiday landscape? After all, Hanukkah is called the Festival of Lights. These inflatable outdoor lawn ornaments light up your yard and live up to the name of the holiday.

Whimsical Hanukkah Strings Lights

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If you choose to have Hanukkah inflatable, there are several options for outdoor decorations. Most are least six feet tall, are made of sturdy parachute material, and come with internal lights to brighten up your lawn at night.

There are also a variety of dreidels for your lawn. In addition, there are inflatable bears holding a dreidel for extra added cuteness.

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Chanukiyot, or Chanukah menorahs, also come in different varieties, so you can find one that your family wants to display on your lawn. Some stand alone and others are inside a snow globe with gifts decorating the base.

There are even inflatable Hanukkah lawn ornaments that have movement. There is one where a dreidel pops out of a gift box. This snowman inflatable gives passers by a reason to smile.

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Hanukkah lights come in different shapes.  You can choose from a large Star of David or a big Chanukah menorah.  There are even light sets that have colorful dreidels, Jewish stars, or Chanukah menorahs. 

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This Zion Judaica Inflatable Lawn Jumbo Dreidel Indoor Outdoor Decoration with LED Night Glowing Lights  is 8' Feet Tall and will really stand out on your lawn.

There are even several choices of Hanukkah flags for your yard.  They are safe for all kinds of weather.

No matter which Hanukkah outdoor lawn inflatable decorations or light sets  you choose to use, it will add a festive touch to a joyous time of year.