A great way to make your home a nicer place is to install ornamental lighting around thehouse especially in places like the main entrance. With some careful planning your home's outdoors can be turned into a place that you had only imagined in your dreams. The only downside of ornamental lighting is that it leads to a higher power bill at the end of the month. Most of the time when we make changes in our homes we forget about the consequences that these changes can have in what we pay in utility bills which can turn out costly in the end.

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 If you are planning to install ornamental lighting in your home or you are already suffering the monetary consequences of extra light bulbs should consider energy efficient light bulbs. There are two basic types of bulbs that are commonly used in houses that are energy efficient. These are LED bulbs and CFL lamps. From these two the best option is LED (light emitting diode).

LED bulbs are the best choice in terms of energy efficiency and lifespan. While their cost is considerably higher than CFL lamps their life-spans are up to six times as long and they consume around 30% less power. Regular bulbs are very power hungry compared to LEDs and CFLs. The equivalent of a 60W regular light uses around 13-14W in the case of CFL lamps and from 8-9W in the case of LEDs. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that if your outdoor fixtures can be dimmed you need bulbs that can also be dimmed for everything to work properly.

Imagine the difference in terms of energy consumption at the end of the month if you change all incandescent lights to LED lights. You would need to have more than five of these lights on at the same time to use the same amount of Watts per hour than a single incandescent bulb uses. At the end of the year the difference is huge. The money saved can then be used on other things that are important or can be reinvested in your home to make it even more beautiful.

 In conclusion, energy efficient lighting is good way to save energy and reduce utility bills. It can also help curb utility costs associated with additional lights in the house like those from ornamental lighting. Having a house that is beautifully lighted doesn't mean that you have to separate a chunk of your income to pay the energy bill.

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