Using outdoor patio blinds or front porch blinds is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space without getting the sun right in your eyes or overheating.

If you have been avoiding using your front porch or deck simply because the sun shines right onto the space and heats you up or makes it impossible to enjoy the space, then simply installing patio blinds such as the ones pictured is an affordable way to enjoy your outdoor space, especially the covered front porches.

These outdoor bamboo shades roll up easily and you can adjust the height to where it suits you best while enjoying the outdoors.  Outdoor bamboo shades or similar are totally affordable, and can also be used as a privacy screen to separate you from your neighbours or other parts of the yard.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

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You can install them in the space above your railing.  They come with their own valance, so as to fit in with your outdoor décor, and they can take some weather as well.  This style of match stick weave is durable and can simply be spot cleaned. 

If you have a great front porch or back porch but just don’t enjoy it as often as you would like because of the sun beating in, then consider installing, and see the difference it can make.  They look good too!

I know where I live, we get long cold winters, and as soon as the weather warms up, most people are spreading out into the backyard, front yard and side yard with outdoor kitchens, pools, hot tubs, mega sized barbeques and more.  So, sitting outside in the warmer weather is one of the nicer pleasures of the warmer months.

Whether it is sitting outside in your jammies first thing in the morning to enjoy the sunrise or late at night as it sets, you really don’t want the sun or lack of shade to stop you from enjoying any space around your home.

Installing these can be done quickly, and they come in sizes that are likely to accommodate your space.  You can roll them right up or half way down, or maybe you want the one at the side of your front porch down all the time for privacy from the neighbours.

There are many things you can do to your yard that don’t involve construction or a lot of money  to create a haven that you can enjoy in the nicer months of the year.  If you have a fenced in yard with a chain link fence, you can purchase chain link privacy slats to create a private yard.  Or you can put up outdoor curtains for patio for a soft look, or even a teak outdoor privacy screen to hide parts of your yard.

But if you are looking to enjoy your covered porch at all times of the day, then consider installing outdoor bamboo shades or blinds in the spaces, and then enjoy your haven anytime of the day.

You can get these patio blinds at most outdoor stores and patio furniture stores but you can also get some good deals online at sites such as Amazon.  It doesn’t hurt to check online.  Be armed with your measurements and then enjoy your haven this year!