Outdoor patio furniture has really come a long way since the days of the multi-colored woven strap chairs. In recent years, you have your choice of a thousand different varieties of wrought-iron patio sets, teak outdoor furniture, wicker, and a thousand varieties of wood.

The reason for the explosion in the available outdoor patio furniture is simple, it is very pleasurable to sit outside on a nice warm evening into the night. I have spent many an evening doing just that. In fact, some of my fondest memories center around sitting around the fire pit on our comfortable patio furniture with good friends!

Outdoor furniture runs the entire range as far as price goes. The more expensive varieties tend to be more comfortable, last longer, and are less likely to blow away during a wind storm. Those of you who live in the midwest can appreciate that! It is extremely annoying to have to chase down your lawn furniture the morning after a big storm!

Here are some ideas for you to consider when you are searching for some new patio furniture to adorn your backyard with:

Patio Dining Sets:

A dinner table is the centerpiece of any family or friendly get together. I like to have  a large table on my patio in my backyard. 

  •  Martha Stewart Living 7-piece Cardona Patio Dining Set: This 7-piece dining set is available at the Home Depot. It has 2 swivel back, rocking  chairs and 4 stationary chairs. The table is five and a half feet long and made of ceramic tile for easy cleaning.  The table's frame is constructed of aluminum with brown powdercoat. The aluminum is a little light for my taste, but with a ceramic tile table on top of it, it will take a tornado to move this thing.cardonaCredit: homedepot.com
  •   Outdoor Interiors 7-piece Patio Dining Set: This set includes a full 70-inch oval wood table with granite inlays. This thing looks sharp. One of the best features of this patio dining set is that the 6 wooden chairs all fold up and can be easily stored under the table. The chairs may be made of wood, but they have comfortable cushions on them.

Stand Alone Patio Chairs:

Every backyard needs some comfortable stand alone chairs for those comfortable summertime afternoon snoozes. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Garden Treasures Herrington Chaise Lounge Patio Chair: This is a nice lounge chair to have. Imagine yourself lying in this thing after you have just cut the lawn, you are sipping on an ice-cold beer and about to drift off into sleep. Now that is living! With its aluminum construction, it will last for a long time. The chair has a textured finish and a pillow to rest your head on. Rather you are sunbathing, or just plain relaxing, this chair will serve you well. this lounge chair is available at Lowes.
  • Martha Stewart Living Miramar Lounge Chair Set: This classy looking set of patio chairs will be perfect for those evenings when it is just you and your wife sitting out back, looking at the stars and just plain enjoying your lives and each other. the chairs are constructed of a die-cast aluminum and have a bronze finish on them. the chairs have polyester cushions with weather resistant fabric, for durability as well as comfort. Each chair also comes with a contrasting breakfast pillow for added comfort and style. This set of lounge chairs is available at the Home Depot.

There are very few activities that are more relaxing than sitting out back on some comfortable patio furniture on a warm spring or summer evening. You have been given a few ideas here as to some of the products that are available to you. Now it is your time to get out to your local hardware or home furnishings store and look for yourself.