Outdoor Polypropylene Rug(42053) 

What Is An Outdoor Polypropylene Rug?

When most people think of all weather rugs, they think of either the incredibly bland and thin grey carpet, or the fake looking astro-turf green rug.  Outdoor polypropylene rugs however combine all of the design and comfort benefits of a traditional rug, with the weather and stain proof benefits of a polymer based construction.  Polypropylene is used widely in many consumer products because it is such a versatile polymer.  It phenomenal chemical makeup does not show fatigue when used consistently like other plastics.  It is extremely colorfast as it is not dyed like natural wool or cotton fibers.  It is lightweight, yet just as durable as other polyester fibers, and costs less to produce.  

Benefits Of Polypropylene Rugs:

Because of its unique characteristics, outdoor polypropylene rugs having some amazing benefits with very little expense.  Given the opportunity to redecorate their patio, most people do not realize how affordable and easy to maintain an all weather rug in their sitting areas.  Outdoor polypropylene rugs are great on docks, patios, decks, and poolside for a number of reasons.  

Weatherproof - Whether its the sun beating down, or rain pounding into the fibers, these type of patio mats will not be affected.  Because the fibers are made with 100% plastic polymers, water simply sheds right off of the fibers.  

Mold and Mildew Resistant - The weatherproof and fast drying construction make outdoor polypropylene rugs resistant to mold and mildew.  General purpose indoor/outdoor carpet must be cared for in order to increase it’s longevity.  These rugs are virtually maintenance free.

Stain Proof - In the same way water sheds of the fibers, so do the stains of spilled food and drinks.  It could be barbecue sauce or even red wine, the fibers of outdoor polypropylene rugs simply don’t have the capacity to absorb liquids.  

Easy To Clean - If you do happen to spill on your all weather rug, a good spray with the hose is all it takes to clean up any mess, big or small.  For deep down dirt or grim, a mild degreaser and a scrub brush will make your patio mat look like new again.  

Durability - Polypropylene outdoor rugs are great in high traffic areas because they do not show wear or fatigue like natural fibers.  The same material is used for “living hinges” such as those on a water bottle flip caps and on Tic-Tac lids because it can be used over and over again without decreasing its durability.  Polypropylene rugs are great for restaurants and clubs as well because they handle high volume traffic so well.  

Choosing A Polypropylene Patio Mat:

Like purchasing a rug for your living room or dining room, which one you choose is highly depending on the style and pattern you prefer.  All weather patio mats come in just as many designs as other rugs, so only you can pick one that fits the decor of your patio.  Just be sure that the rug you choose is made of 100% outdoor polypropylene, as some manufacturers dilute the material with jute to cut costs.