It is time to come out of the dark basement and take your fun outdoors with an outdoor pool table!

If you are anything like my brothers, then playing pool is just something everyone does when they get together.  Family gatherings always seemed to end up in the basement with everyone hanging around the pool table.

But as the nicer weather would show up, my mother would try her hardest to get everyone to visit outdoors on the back deck.  It would work for a short time, then someone would want a game of pool and off they would go to the basement!Outdoor Pool Table

Well, now there are some high quality pool tables for outdoors on the market.  These are not just for kids, but are professional grade.  The one difference in the outdoor ones, is that there is no slate, but the coverings are all weather proof and the aluminum frame is tough and marine grade hardware is used to keep this table in tip top shape for years to come.

Imperial 7' Non-Slate Outdoor Pool Table

When this table gets dirty, you simply can hose it off!  It  comes with the weather proof cloth already attached and you just have to add the legs, and then level it out.  Nothing rusts, and it comes complete with all the accessories. 

This would work perfectly on a back deck or covered porch.  You simply put the cover on it when you are done with it, and leave it outside.  This is a great way to get everyone outdoors during those short months of nice weather (it seems short where I live!)

The fabric is a "sunbrella" fabric which will stand up to harsh conditions for years to come.  With the aluminum frame it can take harsh conditions.

If your family likes to get together with friends and play pool, and you would like to actually emerge from that basement family room, then adding an pool table would make a great addition to your outdoor living area.

Many homeowners are creating outdoor living areas complete with outdoor kitchens, furniture and fireplaces, why not add a pool table!  If you like to expand your living square footage in the nicer weather than adding fun things to do out on that patio or deck is a great way to enjoy the space with family and friends.

You can purchase these tables at some outdoor sports and game stores, but you can also find them online at sites such as Amazon and others.  It is worth shopping around to get a good price.  This is an investment in your outdoor space and by getting one made from aluminum you will get years or pleasure from it.

Used Pool Tables for Outdoors - It may also be worth checking out your local buy sell and trade papers, as you can find some used ones that are still in good shape.  It all depends on your budget.  Adding a table to your outdoor space would be perfect for that next party or gathering.  You can even add ping pong tables to the tops of these for added fun.

Imperial 7' Non-Slate Outdoor Pool Table
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(price as of Jun 26, 2013)
this makes a cool addition to your backyard entertainment.