Gas Fire Pit

Fire pits are one of the most diverse outside decorative items you can buy. The outside fire pit comes in several different types of shapes and sizes. They are useful for keeping warm, adding to a new garden area, for fire pit grilling, and for all sorts of other ideas.

There are two different types of outdoor fire pits. These are the propane gas fire pit and the wood burning fire pit. Making the choice between the two is usually done because people have a pretty strong tendency toward one type of fuel burning or the other. Many people absolutely hate propane gas fire pits/fireplaces, so they would buy the wood burning fire pit. This will take a look at the features of the outside propane gas fire pit.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

One big advantage of the outdoor gas fire pit is being able to have the luxury of fire without smoke. If you choose the propane gas fire pit then you will want to pay attention to how many BTUs it is. The higher the BTUs are the warmer the heat from the outdoor propane gas fire pit. This is likely going to be a price point, something that is going to increase the cost of the gas fire pit, since it will take more energy to run a higher BTU propane fire pit outside. When people buy wood pellets they often look for the highest BTUs in order to know they will be getting good heat output from the pellet stove. This is the same for outside propane gas fire pits.

Another thing that you will want to consider when you are shopping, comparing, and buying your outdoor propane fire pit is the propane tank storage. Gas fire pits often use the 10lb propane tanks, which are the size of a BBQ's propane tank. Propane gas fire pits do not always come with the propane tanks included, so be sure to consider this when you compare prices. Do not forget to add in the cost of buying fire pit propane tanks and refills. With wood burning outdoor fire pits the storage of a propane tank is not a concern. Although you have to consider where to store the wood for the fire pits, it is a different deal because a pile or placement of fire wood is usually seen as a part of the whole inside/outside fire pit ambiance. When you buy a propane gas fire pit then it may be larger than some of the other fire pits. You will often see propane or natural gas fire pits that are fire pit columns or fire pit tables/tabletops. Many of these types of gas fire pits are built to enclose the propane tank. Using the example of a fire pit table you can see that the tabletop has the flame coming out of it, but the base of the table holds the propane tank, out of view.

Propane gas fire pits are convenient and clean. They burn clean with no smoke. Another great feature of the gas fire pits is push button ignition starting. When you want to turn your outdoor gas fire pit on it is ready at the touch of a button. The propane gas fire pit for outside is a nice accessory to any back yard area. People can redecorate their outdoor garden area or install a gas fire pit off the patio by the swimming pool. If you want to turn your backyard into a nice relaxing place then adding a fire pit is the perfect touch. There are many fire pit designs so when it comes to choosing the right size, shape, and type of outdoor propane gas fire pit, you should not have any problem finding what you like. Propane fire pits are reasonably priced as well. A great time to save money on fire pits is during the holidays. If you check the home and garden section of Home Depot,, and any other store that carries them, outdoor propane fire pits may get on sale.

Whether you are looking for a single, small gas fire pit to place on the back patio or you want to go all out and purchase several types of outdoor fire pits you are in luck. From big to small, copper to steel, in ground to above ground, wood to propane gas, fire pits are in abundance. Some people like to purchase several outdoor gas fire pit columns or gas fire pit bowls and use them as a nighttime lighting feature for their home. These propane fire pits can be used as both decoration and warmth for much of the year. Another addition that goes along with the outdoor gas fire pits are portable patio heaters, especially if you have table and chairs or a lounge area outdoors. The extent of what you can do with outdoor gas fire pits is up to your imagination and budget.