Outdoor rubber pavers are perfect for anywhere you need a soft landing.   This could be under their swing set or playground equipment or even just a place to play for them or yourself.

These are created from recycled rubber mulch.  They clip together firmly and tightly and look really smart too.  You can alternate colours and they would actually make a great patio/play area.  They are quick to setup and so durable.

If you are setting up a playground you don’t have to dig it all up unless you want to.  You can put them right on the grass area as long as it is pretty level and then water runs through them and they drain and dry fast.  You could put garden carpet down first to flatten the grass and keep weeds down.  But the weeds don’t get through these rubber pavers that fit together tightly.

They have been rated for falls to help kids and big kids land softly when playing.  They are a nice change from sand which tends to spread all over the yard and get dirty and ends up in their clothes.

These can simply be hosed down and they are fresh and clean again.   I used to find that leaving grass under playground equipment didn’t last long and you would end up with mud and dead areas and lots of dirty kids.  (I used to run a daycare) These would be perfect for under a slide or swing set.

Outdoor rubber Pavers
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perfect for play areas too.

If you are trying to create an oasis for everyone in your yard this year like I am trying to do, then setting up a clean area to play that doesn’t involve hard concrete works well. 

I was thinking you could make the area larger and have a patio set on it too and make it part of the patio area.  They look good with the interlocking styling.  Or have them simply run into your existing patio.Outdoor Rubber PaversCredit: Amazon.com

I am trying to cut down the amount of lawn I have to deal with in my yard.  I would like it to be more of an accent than a main focus.  It needs too much care for my liking, with watering, cutting and weeding.  So, I decided this year to try and take up some of the worse grassy areas with patios and play areas so that the space is usable and better looking.

I don’t want to spend too much on construction so as I was researching I was quite surprised to find so many portable and easy to use products on the market for outdoor living this year.  You can also get portable outdoor flooring and decking to cover a bad patio or concrete area that doesn’t look good anymore.    I was really impressed with this idea as I don’t want to be digging up a lot of old concrete this year, so I will cover them with these tiles.

You don’t need to get involved in too much construction.  I was also researching different solar lighting ideas for pathways and gardens and was surprised to find very chic and trendy ones that will require no wiring at all.

Using recycled rubber for pavers is a great use of recycled materials and helps cut down on injuries in the yard.   So, if you still have that kids play set with all the worn out grass under it and dirty sand, then add these rubber pavers to the area and see how much better it looks.