Outdoor sconces serve two important masters: design and home safety. They both light up your home's exterior at night and give a splash of character to engage visitors to your home. There are as many styles of outdoor sconces as there are home designs, so the options available to you are many. But keep in mind these key points to help make your decision easier.

Extending A Home's Design

Outdoor sconces are perfect for setting an ambiance around your home's outdoor spaces. This could be on your front porch, where the sconces act as one of the first design elements a outdoor sconces_3new guest sees. Or it could be on your patio or pool area, and the sconces act as an extender of your home's overall design scheme to the outside living space. Outdoor sconces can even be used to change the mood of your outdoor space compared to your indoor decor. Perhaps in your pool area you are looking for a nautical theme. Nautical sconces or bulkhead sconces can pull together the look while not upsetting the overall design of your home.  outdoor sconces_1

No matter where you place them, outdoor sconces offer a welcoming sense to any outdoor area. If you have new visitors seeing your home for the first time, those outdoor sconces can make a big impact on their first impressions. They can illuminate the focal points of your home adding a heightened sense of drama, like your pool, any water fountains, and front yard landscaping. If you've put in the work in those areas, why then hide the beauty at night?

Home Security

Outdoor sconces are also an important safety measure, especially those around your front entrances., They keep your home enlightened during the night, giving a sense that activity is occurring in your home. This helps keep your home safe from unwanted intruders. For the most security, you should place outdoor sconces in all the trafficked areas and potential entry points around your home. This could include your front porch, the back entry ways, the sides of your home and your garage.

Outdoor Sconce Designs And Materials

As mentioned, there are as many outdoor sconce designs as there are home interior designs. Your options are many: from nautical sconces to rustic sconces and art deco to wrought iron. You can opt to extend your home's interior design to the outdoors or use the sconces as a way to change-up the outdoor design compared to your indoor decor. If you opt for the latter, be very careful not to go too far. While the looks may be different, they still need to work together. If you place ultra-modern sconces outside of an extremely traditional home, your home's design will feel disjointed and unappealing. You have to strike the right balance.

The materials that your outdoor sconces are made of is another big aspect. All of the sconces you choose should be weatherproof. As well, if you opt for glass sconces, be aware of the typical weather and foliage around the site where you are placing them. If the site gets a lot outdoor sconces_2of rain and wind and it's surrounded by big trees, those glass sconces might shatter due to falling tree limbs or other debris. Know, too, that certain types of metal sconces (like wrought iron sconces) tend to rust over time. You might need to replace those sconces sooner than other types, but the overall look it brings to your home may be worth it.

Outdoor Sconce Lighting

There are varieties of outdoor sconces to fit any sort of lighting that you want. There are electrical outdoor sconces, as well as outdoor sconces made for candles. You can also opt for solar-powered outdoor sconces which have the big benefit of lowering your lighting costs compared to their electrical cousins.

Where To Buy Outdoor Sconces

There are a ton of choices when it comes to shopping for outdoor sconces. Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's carry a wide variety. If you want to see the sconces first hand prior to purchase, these are your best options. For the best prices, though, shopping online can't be beat. You'll want to take a look at the selection at Amazon.com and other online vendors to find the sconces right for you and your home.