Home security equipment like everything else technology has touched has really changed. You can now record and see things with outdoor security cameras that were simply impossible just a short time ago. One of my favorite hang outs is the local electronics store. I'm a geek and I love to see the latest gear. There are great cameras that can do everything from distinguish different shades of blue, to see the bags and shadows under my eyes. Its too bad the cameras were not around when Tiger Woods hit a tree. We are going to explain what kind of cameras are available and how you can effectively spend your money for outdoor security camera equipment. Its easy to overspend where the security of your family is concerned.

This article will help you make a reasoned versus an emotional decisions. Emotional decisions waste money. The goal of keeping your family and your belongings safe should not get lost in a rush to judgment.

Start with gathering information. Local law enforcement is the best source of what you want to know. You will get straight ahead practical data without the sales hype. Here is a great list of questions you should ask:

How many home invasions or robberies have been in your area
Thoughts on why the bad guys pick the homes they pick
Ask about alarm monitoring and alarm companies
Find out if your local law enforcement even responds to home alarms
What is the penalty for false alarms in your area
Ask what the officer does to keep his home and belongings safe

You can get information on robberies and break ins as part of public record. That information is easy enough to find. I have always consulted police as a source of the parts of town that are not where I want to be. Easy places to rob are what bad guys are looking to find. If you have low amounts of light, or it looks like you are gone a lot--you are going to attract an attack. Bad guys work at random. I have interviewed a number of robbers who have said they avoid dogs, well lighted spaces, outdoor security camera systems, or other visible home security advices. The only exception to the rule is if they know for certain there is high value items in the home. At that point, randomness goes away.

Alarm companies are just part of the cost of doing business to bad guys. If you were a random target, an alarm company will probably make the bad guy find another place to rob. If they have knowledge of something in your home they want, the alarms will not slow them down. It can be more than 10 minutes before there is any response to a home alarm. Bad guys know they can be inside and rifling through your things before they run any risk of being caught.

Outdoor security camera systems excel in long term cost solutions over alarm monitoring companies. The idea is to make your home look less safe to the bad guy and get him to move on down the road. Outdoor security cameras will keep more in money in your pocket in the long run, if you remember you do not need to overspend for camera technology.

Get answers from the experts on your home security. Law enforcement can give you those answers. A system that includes outdoor security cameras can protect you and your home from attack and invasion at a low long term cost.