More and more people are turning to solar power as a source of energy use for their homes and gardens. The concept of using the sun for a power is becoming more attractive as the effects of climate change are increasing. Solar power is clean, there is no emissions and after the initial cost little or no ongoing charges. Solar power works by converting the sun's rays into electricity and storing it in battery cells. Then battery can then be used to provide power to a light or pump. The size of the cell usually determines the power it can output. The larger cells are those mounted on roof tops to supply water heating of other power to the house. The small cells are very useful for providing small amounts of power around the yard or garden. Outdoor solar lights are gaining popularity because you can put them wherever you like, move them if you choose and there are no power connections to concerned about. Solar lights can be used anywhere as long as the solar panel is positioned in full sun.

Where Do You Use Solar Lights?

There are so many different styles of solar powered outdoor lights and many more arriving each day. Common uses include - pathway lights (or general garden lights), Christmas lights, deck lights, camping lights, security lights and fountain lights. In all these lights the solar panel or detector is attached to the light via along lead. The position of the detector is paramount, and the long lead is to enable you to be able to place it in the best place.

Solar Pathway Lights

Outdoor Solar LightThis is one of the kinds of lighting that is great for solar outdoor lights. Pathway lights can be individual shaped lights on stakes to place along a path or for accent in a flower bed. The detector can be placed discreetly elsewhere in the garden. Often lights are shaped like animals such as butterflies or flowers or the more traditional lantern style. So whether you have a whimsical taste or prefer no mess lighting there is an option for you.

Solar Christmas Lights

Using solar lights for Christmas lighting can be a lifesaver! One of the hardest problems with arranging your Christmas lighting is working out all the power cables and where to run them. With solar lights you just put up the lights, place the detector and you are done! There are other advantages such as the use of LED bulbs which means there is lower power consumption (no bills) and long lasting bulbs (10,000 hours). Solar Christmas lights are available in a large selection of styles and colors, anything from string lights to rope lights and even character lights can be found. It is important to place the detector in a place where it can get as much sun as possible, whilst fully charged batteries can last up to 12 hours, the less sun they have to charge the less time the lights will be on.

Solar Deck Lights

Deck lights are great for your outdoor wooden areas. They can add elegance and security to your steps and walkways. Using deck lights can make features of your balconies and railings, or around pool areas. Outdoor solar lights can be added in most places regular deck lighting can be placed. The advantage of using solar deck lighting is that it will come on slowly as it gets dark. This means there is no interruption when you are entertaining and if you are coming home late the lights will be on to show you the way - no stumbling here! As solar lights use LED technology it is also possible to get cool color changing lights to make your deck the coolest in town.

Solar Camping Lights

This is another great use of solar power. Instead of torches it is possible to get solar camping lights. These lights have detectors that can be attached to the outside of your backpack to charge up during the day. Then when it gets dark you will have a torch light or emergency light available to you - you do not have to worry about forgetting the batteries anymore! Solar power can also be used for providing the lights to use in the tent; again a solar panel can be set up to collect the sun during the day and light the tent at night - much safer than fuelled lights and easier than remembering lots of batteries.

Solar Security Lights

Security lights are very useful for providing light quickly for short period in accessible parts of your yard. Using solar security lights can make it very easy to install and they will require little to no maintenance. There are two types of solar security lighting - those using halogen bulbs and those using LED bulbs. Halogen used to be preferred as it gives off a very bright light, but it requires a lead acid battery and a larger solar panel to work well. The newer LED lights can provide a bright light on less power, requiring smaller batteries and making the whole unit much easier to install.

Solar Fountain Lights

You have been able to use solar power for the fountain pumps for a while. Did you know that it is also possible to get waterproof solar lighting for the fountain? Fountain with lights in them look stunning at night. It is all about the combination of water and light that makes it so effective.

As you can see there are many uses for outdoor solar lights. Now you have some ideas go and set some up and enjoy the way they slowly come on of an evening and light up your backyard.