Outdoor swivel dining chairs provide comfort, style, and versatility to your outdoor patio. These are among my favorites for outdoor use. When you're sitting outside during the summer time, or you are enjoying the light breeze on your back porch, having good looking and comfortable outdoor dining chairs can allow you to rewind and enjoy yourself after a long hard day. Some of these swivel dining chairs are a bit expensive, and the average cost might be a little outside your budget range. It largely depends on the type of that you're looking to buy for your home. There are many different kinds to consider buying online, or in stores. One good thing o consider about these chairs is that they are weather resistant, sturdy, durable, and comfortable to sit in. If you're looking to save  some money, then scoll down below and you might find something that can settle your needs.

Outdoor Swivel Wicker Dining Chairs

Outdoor Wicker chairs are weather resistant and can be purchased online at target. Wicker is pretty light and soft fabric to shit in. The outdoor patio madaga wicker set of 2 swivel dining chairs are a bit pricey, but look quite lovely outside on backyard patios. Prices go for around $500 dollars for a set of two. It also comes with 100% polyester is featured on the textile and the frame. Seat cushions are included, and are comfortable to sit on. The fill material features 100% polyester fiber for sturablity that can last for a long time. These are nice and stylish wicker products for you to consider owning. They'll provide everything you need for outdors. They're extremely comfortable, durable, light and won't be easily damaged from the worst kind of weather conditions. Shop online and compare prices at places like target and buy.com.

Outdoor Swivel Leather Dining Chairs

The Naples swivel rocking chair is expensive, but a very comfortable wicker seating chair to sit in that's made from leather. A good rocking chair is always comfortable, and relaxing to sit on outside. Ah, they comfort of the surrounding when sitting in one. UV protection along with weather resistant wicker materials keeps your outdoor dining chair protected. The power coated aluminum frame makes it a very durable and sturdy chair to purchase. It's rather expensive, and prices go around $500-$600 dollars online. Good deals are going online at best buy and meijer.

Outdoor Great Room Naples Saddle Swivel Dining Rockers- Set of 2
Amazon Price: $487.59 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 1, 2015)

Swivel Outdoor Dining Chairs and Dining Tables

You can find a great deal going online for the Florence Modern outdoor oval dining table and chairs. It's a really beautifully designed classic Mediterranean style. It's the perfect kind of outdoor dining set that can be used for your patio back porch, or even for your dining room. Four dining chairs and two outdoor swivel chairs are included. The seat cushioning is made from a sunbrella fabric. The sunbrella fabric is weather resistant and very durable. The table features wrought detailing and is weather resistant as well. You can buy the entire outdoor dining table set online at bed bath store. The outdoor chairs can be purchase separately, along with the table itself. The swivel outdoor chairs itself are pretty cheap. The swivel rocker chair only costs $100 dollars. The rocker chair cushion only costs $70 dollars. Both are going for sale. 

Modern Swivel Dining Chairs

Online at target you can purchase a pair of beautiful dining chairs for modern use. The outdoor patio home gable metal of 2 swivel dining chairs is rust and weather resistant. The frame is made with tough and durable aluminum. The textile material is made from 100% of olefin. The fill material features 55% polyester fiber, and 45% polyurethane foam. White seated cushions are included. The mahogany finish on the body frame, and the white cushions blend in well for a modern look. Prices are a bit high, and are going for over $400 dollars.

It's hard to find extremely cheap deals for swivel outdoor chairs. It is hard to find any going for prices under $100 dollars, but you can still find some pretty good deals going online for swivel dining chairs if you know where to look. Online at target and amazon you can purchase the outdoor patio home alexander sling dining chairs for around $200 dollars. The chairs have received positive feedback from online customers. Customers enjoy the comfort, low prices, and stylish design. Feature include a swivel, contoured seat, contoured back, and high back. The frame is made from aluminum and is rust and weather resistant. It comes with 100% sling textile material, and 100% polyurethane foam fill material. A one year limited warranty is available when purchasing.