If you like to spend lots of time outdoors and have created or are working on your very own oasis to distress and relax, then usually all the elements are involved for that perfect harmony.  Wind (wind chimes will move and help you relax) Water (pool or trickling water feature) Air (fresh air always helps the spirit) and Fire (fireplace, fire pit or ???).

If you are like me and live within town limits, you may have fire codes and bylaws that stop you from creating that one element, fire.  Our town doesn’t like any wood burning fires in the yards as there are many houses close together, trees and lots of complaints of people burning things other than wood, so for many that one element has been missing, unless of course you use an old fashioned charcoal barbeque and the flames get a little too high as our one neighbor does, but that is pushing your luck.

But there is another way to include that element even if the roaring wood bon fire is out.  Tabletop fire bowls.  These are controllable flames fueled with little cylinders of propane or other fuels that are safe to use and can sit on your table as a feature or another part of your porch or deck.

It may not be that roaring fire you have been used to or really wanted, but it still adds that one element to your oasis that was missing.  It can simply be turned off and on when you want it and controlled.  If you have the room you can have floor models, but if you are tight on room, a simply little flame that is still bigger than a candle can really add to the ambiance of your space on your table.

outdoor tabletop fire bowlCredit: amazon.com
UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Table Top Fireplace
Amazon Price: $99.95 $64.98 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 5, 2016)

Outdoor Tabletop Fireplace

They have electronic ignitions making it very simple to light.  No fumbling for matches or kindling.  This one is 15 inches, and looks like a miniature fireplace with little coals.  It can add a bit of warmth on those cooler nights to extend your outdoor living as long as you can.  It also adds some interest to your table especially if you entertain.  No one gets tired of looking at flames.  I personally find it relaxing knowing I don’t have to worry about rounding up wood or trying to control it.  This has a control panel to adjust the flame and turn off and on.  The base hides the 1 pound fuel cylinder.  It is portable and easy to move around.

outdoor tabletop fire bowlCredit: amazon.com
Elite Flame Avon Ventless Table Top Bio Ethanol Fireplace Black
Amazon Price: $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 5, 2016)

Ventless Tabletop Ethanol Fire Bowl

This particular model is more of a rectangle, and can be used indoors or outdoors.  It doesn’t need venting as it uses ventless ethanol products to burn for 2-3 hours.  You could place it on your picnic table or center of your larger table to enjoy.  Indoors you could sit it in your fireplace opening, or table for added interest.  

outdoor fire tableCredit: amazon.com
AZ Patio Heaters Fire Pit, Extruded Aluminum Rectangular
Amazon Price: $899.00 $673.79 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 5, 2016)

Fire Pit Table and Heater

This one is not technically a tabletop fire bowl, but as I was researching I took a liking to it, because it was actually its own table.  You can cover the fire area when not in use and use as a regular outdoor coffee table or drinks surface, and then use it as a fire later on.  It is propane fired and also works as a heater.  It is 42,000BTU and will heat up to 15 feet around it.  So this would be perfect for those cooler nights and to extend your outdoor living well into the autumn months.  If you have the room, this would be a good investment as it can be left outdoors and has a concealed area underneath for the propane tank.

outdoor tabletop fire bowlCredit: amazon.com
Moda Flame Ghost Tabletop Firepit Ethanol Fireplace Stainless Steel
Amazon Price: $99.99 $39.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 5, 2016)

Chic Outdoor Tabletop Fire Bowl

This one is ultra cool and affordable.  It only measures 6 inches wide by 10 inches tall and uses ethanol.  It would make a perfect centerpiece for a small outdoor dining table or just for yourself on those nice evenings when the fire can really put you in a relaxed mood as you watch the flames swirl in the safety glass.  It will give off some warmth so that is a nice added bonus.  You can get it in stainless steel look or black.  Very portable for moving anywhere or taking to someone else’s oasis for that barbeque!  Would also make a great housewarming gift.

Outdoor Tabletop fire bowlCredit: amazon.com
Red Glass Firepot
Amazon Price: $14.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 5, 2016)

Oriental Style Red Glass Fire Bowl

This is a really cute little flame that would be perfect for that small space.  It is crafted from glass and has a real impact on design with this beautiful red with black accent fire bowl.  This is better than a candle and makes a great centerpiece for outdoors.  It will set the mood once that sun sets and is affordable.

Tabletop Fire Bowls

These are a perfect addition to that small space, or balcony, or anywhere it is hard to maintain a regular wood fire pit.  Even a small dancing flame can still give you that balance of all the elements you need to create your own oasis, whether you have a huge yard with pool, waterfall and outdoor kitchen, or if your space consists of a townhouse backyard patio or even an apartment balcony. 

Gauge the fire to the size of your space, and you truly can enjoy the comforts of the dancing mesmerizing flame, even if it is just tiny.  Having a safe and convenient source of fire is perfect for relaxing.  No need to have the hose ready, but as with any fire, you don’t want to be using it too close to flammable materials.  These really cool additions to your space are perfect as they create not only interest but flame and heat.  I find even the smallest of flames will help to keep those pesky bugs away too.

If you are looking for a great housewarming gift, then consider the size of the yard and purchase one that will fit.  These have become very popular but I have found the greatest assortment to be online.  Hope you can line up all your elements to create your best oasis yet.