With the nicer weather on it's way, entertaining outside comes to mind. If you have a small space using a outdoor tall bistro set is just one way to get the enjoyment out of your small patio, balcony or deck.

If you look in many of the outdoor furniture stores and garden centers, you will see entire living room sets for outdoors, complete with fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and more.  Well that is great if you have a acre or so of yard, or a monster sized patio you need to fill.Outdoor Tall Bistro Set

But what if you have a small balcony, deck or patio and you just want a nice place to sit without it taking up the entire space?

Then a bistro style table works best.  Bistro style tables are much smaller in diameter than your typical garden table.  Usually around 24 inches.  You may not be able to serve a 5 course meal on this table for your entire family, but it does make for the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend or that cup of coffee in the morning with your paper.

By getting a tall bistro set, you will get "bar height" which gives the visual image of not taking up too much space as you can see under it when you first head out.  The taller chairs are easier to sit on and get up from too.

If you have a small space, and you don't want to fill it entirely with furniture, then consider a bistro style set.  You can then take up the rest of the space with pots and hanging plants.  Or you can get two of these sets and split them up.Outdoor tall Bistro Set - Chair

Put one in a corner and one in the center or the opposite corner to even out the space and still have enough room to entertain a few friends if they come over.  You can always move the tables closer together.

By purchasing a couple of outdoor tall bistro sets, you can break up the space without taking it over like a large outdoor table would do.

Bar Height Bistro Set

These sets look great tucked into corners, with a gorgeous pot of flowers on them, and they are made from long lasting materials and powder coated for protection.  You simply have to wipe them down and you are done.  They can stay out there all year round if you don't have storage for them.  You can cover them for the winter and that is your fall chores done.

I have often wondered what everyone did with those large patio sets in the winter.  I know Outdoor Tall Bistro Set - Tablethe tables can stay outside, but what about all those fancy chairs, pillows and cushions?  A tall bistro set is the perfect companion for your smaller space.

You can find these at most garden centers and outdoor furniture stores, but you may need to look beyond the larger furniture they have on display.  Or you can even shop online for good deals at such sites as Amazon.  You could even check your reuse center and see if there is one you could spruce up with paint.

Either way, these make a great addition to your small garden, deck or patio and a great refuge in that warm weather.