Teak wood is a very durable wood and is perfect for outdoors.  Living in Ontario, Canada where the seasons can be extreme I have found over the years, any teak pieces we have afforded have survived the changing seasons, the extreme cold, snow and ice as well as the high heat and humidity without a hitch.  We are not the best at remembering to cover outdoor pieces and yet they still survive.

I have tried other outdoor woods, but after a couple of years they needed lots of care and dried out or became loose and wiggly.

Teak wood furniture is made well and can be expensive.  It is definitely an investment, but if you live outdoors as often as you can and entertain, you want something that is nice to look at and yet durable that does not need to be dragged into the house every time there is a storm or a bit of drizzle.outdoor teak wood benchesCredit: morguefile.com

You have a few choices when it comes to teak, you can either protect it with outdoor teak oil that will keep the warm colour of the natural wood, or you can let it “weather”.  This causes the wood to slowly change to silver like patina that I rather like.  The beauty of teak is that you don’t need to protect it with anything if you don’t want to.  It is used to being outdoors. 

But not everyone likes the silver shade it turns after a season or two outdoors, so in this case you will have some maintenance by oiling it once a year to keep that golden shade. 

From my experience, the wood does not create splinters as other woods do as they dry out, it doesn’t crack or break down, it simply lasts a good long time and is smooth.  We had a table long enough that we gave it to our daughter as we downsized, and she still uses it outside.

outdoor teak patio setsCredit: amazon.com

Teak Wood Patio Sets

You can invest in the entire sets, especially if you entertain outside.  It is nice to have chairs and tables that match without trying to fit in those plastic chairs, or stools!  You can find high end outdoor teak furniture at specialty stores or specialty furniture stores but the price tags are very high.  I did notice that you can get some pretty good deals online.

outdoor teak patio setsCredit: amazon.com
Amazonia Teak Coventry 9-Piece Teak Oval Dining Set
Amazon Price: $2,549.00 $2,099.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 3, 2016)

Teak Bench

Every year my kids would get me a bench kit from the local hardware store for mother’s day, and we would spend the time to put it together with the wrought iron ends, and place it in the garden and I would use it all summer, but by the next summer after one of our harsh winters it was wobbly and did not wear very well.  You don’t pay much for those kits, so I guess they were not designed to last long.  They became great plant pot holders as I was scared to sit on them anymore.

outdoor teak wood benchesCredit: amazon.com
Amazonia Teak Newcastle Teak Bench
Amazon Price: $419.00 $264.00 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 3, 2016)

You could simply replace the bits of wood, or you could invest in a teak bench that will stand the test of time, and still be there a few years from now, and still be able to handle you sitting on it and enjoying your garden.  I found many different prices, but so far online is the best.

outdoor teak wood furnitureCredit: amazon.com
Amazonia Teak Victor Bistro Teak Round Table
Amazon Price: $305.00 $142.96 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 3, 2016)

Bistro Table

Tables are the things that I find hardest to deal with in the winter months.  You stack the chairs in a corner with a cover or even bring them inside, but tables are hard to store.  We always had little plastic ones that would disappear in the wind storms or winter thaws, or metal ones with glass that smashed in a wind storm, so we invested in a bistro table which is higher than the average table but is great for drinks and you can leave it outside.

outdoor teak patio setsCredit: amazon.com
Grand Teak Picnic Bench Set
Amazon Price: $7,005.00 $6,657.00 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 3, 2016)

Teak Picnic Bench Set

This one is on my wish list.  My family loves to sit at picnic tables, and years ago my son built us one out of pine, but once again it simply didn’t last more than a couple of seasons because the wood dried out and cracked and next thing you know we are all getting splinters you know where. 

Yes this one is pricier but I think it will stand the test of time, and you can squeeze a lot of people around this table. 

If you have created yourself an oasis in your yard, or are contemplating it, such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, barbeques and more, the next step is going to be the furniture.  You want the same comforts you have with your indoor pieces but the durability needed to withstand the weather.

If it rains all you have to do is grab the cushions, the rest can handle the weather.  In Ontario we are indoors throughout the winter, it is nice to simply spread outdoors and sweep everything off and double your living space for those warmer months.  You can get patio heaters that can extend your time outside, so spend it in comfort. 

I don’t know about you, but those plastic chairs are not appealing to me when I want to de-stress outside with a book or entertain with a nice barbeque.

Yes they can be expensive, but if you treat yourself to one piece per year, you will not be replacing it for a long time.

As more and more people have “staycations” with a backyard oasis and pools and other fun things, then investing in the right outdoor teak wood furniture or patio sets will add to the setting.  Those plastic chairs are great for kids, but as adults they simply are not that comfortable and the tables are not sturdy.  I let mine go silvery and love it.