Under the beating and grueling nature of the sun's relentless rays, having an outdoor umbrella to call your very own can provide you with many great benefits. As a great complement to sunscreen, an umbrella can give you even greater protection from the sun's rays, while providing you with a bit of cool respite after or during a family picnic or a day-trip beach outing. Unfortunately, with just so many options for great, durable, outdoor umbrellas available to you, it would be no surprise if you felt incredibly overwhelmed. Narrowing down your favorite colors and types of umbrellas can be difficult, especially faced with a plethora of these options. Ultimately, there are a few things you will want to consider before purchasing an outdoor umbrella.

Immediately, as much as I know you long for the solace of that an outdoor umbrella can provide, one cannot help but think to themselves "How much will this actually cost me?". Budget concerns are certainly common, however, it is quite possible to find an umbrella that offers great protection from the sun, while offering you a great deal and bang for your buck, all assuming that you look in the right places. Just like many products that are deemed to be 'seasonal', even though you can use an umbrella like this all year round, you may find that outdoor umbrellas oftentimes go on sale at the end of the summer season. This usually occurs around the tail end of August on into September. Whether you are shopping at Lowe's or Home Depot or even Wal-mart or K-mart, you can certainly catch a great deal on an outdoor umbrella, for the following year, if you simply anticipate these sales and purchase with intent on using it the following summer.

Determining the price you are willing to pay, in accordance with your budget, is highly recommended before you even begin visiting the stores listed above or shopping online. Typically, regardless of where you look and shop, it's not uncommon to find a great outdoor umbrella for only a few hundred dollars, if that. Higher end umbrellas are available, but, unless you are willing to part with a few thousand, you may want to consider sticking with their lower priced counterparts.

After you have determined the price you are willing to pay, the size of your outdoor umbrella should be the next candidate for your consideration. Knowing that umbrellas come in all various shapes and sizes, size is just one element that is relative to what it is that you exactly need. For someone who has a large yard, a small umbrella may not fit in quite well compared to it's surroundings, however, for the inverse consideration, a large umbrella may be out of place as well in a large yard. While exact measurements of your yard, or the place that you hope to put your outdoor umbrella are not necessarily needed, it does help to have a good mental vision conceptualized regarding what the area looks like.

Moving on to the next element of an outdoor umbrella, you will want to think ahead of time about the color that you would like for your umbrella to be. Do you have a favorite color? How about your wife, husband, children, or other family members? If there is a certain color scheme or pallet that you are attempting to adhere to, in congruence with other outdoor colors, you may want to consider staying true to that. Long after you weather proof your deck, an outdoor umbrella could help put the finishing touches on it, by providing an atmosphere that is welcoming to friends and family members. Under not only the sun's harmful rays, but also the seasonal occurrences and effects associated with summer, such as great amount of rain and humidity, an outdoor umbrella will also provide much needed protection for vulnerable outdoor's furniture, such as wicker furniture, grills, and highly soluble lounge chair cushions. Whether you are having a party, or simply looking for a place to dine in the summertime, you should strongly consider all these elements before you go ahead and purchase an outdoor umbrella.

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