Serving wine at backyard barbeques usually meant relying on plastic tumblers, but you can get an outdoor wine glass holder, that will allow you to use nicer wine glasses for that backyard event and add some décor to the yard.

These are basically elegant looking portable tables with openings to hold the wine glass, and the table can hold a few snacks.  These wooden tables are designed with a spiked support that can easily be put into the ground.  This is a really cool idea if your party has spread out over your backyard, or you simply don’t have a back deck or patio to accommodate all your guests.

Serving wine in nice glasses is part of the ambiance of a nice dinner party.  Nothing takes away from a nice wine faster, then having to serve it in plastic tumblers.  You can get funky wine glasses that are plastic and designed for outside, and these will work too, but being able to serve the wine in the glasses you have now would be perfect if your guests have somewhere to put them down while conversing out in the yard or garden.

This holder can be placed in the grass or between patOutdoor Wine Glass Holderio stones, or even the edge of a flowerbed or anywhere it can be pushed into the ground.  You could get a few of these and place them around the yard with two seats beside them.  This would make the perfect little “station” for your guests.  No more broken or misplaced wine glasses or having everyone huddling around your patio table or outdoor bar simply because they have no where to put their glass down.

Tovolo Bamboo Outdoor Wine Table

These glass holder tables are great for travelling to the cottage or camping.  They come apart for easy travel and packing.  They are also nice looking and would compliment any outdoor barbeque.

If you often entertain at the cottage and your cottage is somewhat rustic, then having these portable glass holders out by the Muskoka chairs down by the water watching the sunset would work well.  No more putting your glass down on the ground beside the chair where bugs can get in it, or finding a flat rock to put it on, or it is simply left there and forgotten.

Now you don’t have to have tables everywhere.  These simple little tables are easy to put together, install and store away after use.  This way you do not need to store tables.  These are an affordable way to quickly add a place for the wine glass.   Even if your guests are not drinking wine, they make great little tables for other drinks as well, rather than sitting them on the grass beside their lawn chair.

You can get these at outdoor stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  Shopping online for a portable glass holder is a great way to find a larger selection and variety to choose from.  So, consider these for your next backyard event, or garden party and serve your favourite wines without worry.  Just fold them up and put them away when you are done.

Picnic Time Mesavino Portable Wine and Snack Table
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(price as of Jul 21, 2013)
this is another great option for being portable at that next backyard party.