I love the idea of having outdoor wrought iron wall art that is also functional as well as beautiful. 

Since I love wrought iron decor, I have been researching ways to use it in my yard and beautify an otherwise boring space.

I came across this Welcome Sign that I thought would brighten up my plain gray brick on my 1950s bungalow.  It is nice to find things that can personalize and warm up the space without overwhelming it or draining your bank account.

I love whimsical things and I was looking for something that would not only look great and not too heavy but also stand the test of time for endurance.  Iron will do that.  It will tolerate the weather and even when it eventually fades or doesn’t look its best; it can be brought back to life with a quick clean and metal paint.

In actual fact, you can find all kinds of cool wrought iron at many garage sales as many people could not be bothered refinishing it.  But it really doesn’t take that much time if you get the right paint.  You just have to clean in and use a wire brush to get off any loose rust, wipe it down and then paint it.  It will look good as new.

I find the black metal just really makes the greenery pop in the garden and therefore just love the idea of all the cool garden décor you can get that is created from metal.  I don’t have to drag them all in for the winter either. 

Metal art is fun to use outdoors and you can hang it on any wall.  I think this would be great at your front entrance but you could also hang this metal sign on your garden gate or maybe you have a plain wall or side of a shed where you like to sit and enjoy your garden. 

Outdoor Wrought Iron Wall ArtCredit: Amazon.com
12" Iron Outdoor Welcome Sign - Pine Tree Branch Design
Amazon Price: $24.99 Buy Now
(price as of Nov 30, 2015)
I really think this is a beautiful and yet useful piece of garden wall art.

Outdoor wall art can be fun.  But I really like how light and see through this sign is and yet it is quite ornate.  It has a purpose to welcome your guests and it also looks like a piece of wall art.

This beautiful sign is made in the USA and is powder coated so it will last a good long time.  I love the intricate pine cones that are created on the metal branch, it just adds some charm.

There are so many ways you can decorate your yard without huge expense.  This is especially true if you rent your space or you don’t want to get into large yard renovations.  You can take what is there and fill in the spaces between shrubs with whimsical plant stands that are portable and you can move them around or take them with you when you leave.

You can add lighting without running expensive wiring by getting wrought iron hanging chandeliers that use candles to add some ambiance to your space, and there are wall sconces that would dress up that fence and even use window boxes that don’t have to be used below windows, they could also be attached to boring walls or deck railings.  There are so many ways to create beauty in your space without permanent changes.  My local garden center does not carry a very big assortment of decorative things, so I did research online and found a huge assortment of wrought iron wall art that I think will dress up my space this year.