Outdoor rugs have lots of different uses. Some people may like to use outdoor rugs as a form of decoration for the area around their house. Different colored outdoor rugs can be used to achieve a variety of effects depending on which colors are chosen and where they are placed. For example orange and black rugs can be used on your porch and walkways during the period of time around Halloween. Alternatively, one can select colors that either compliment or contrast with the colors of one's house or trim. Another decorative option could be to place an outdoor rug on one's walkway to either add color in the case of a cement walkway, or to add a colorful contrast to a brick or stone walkway.

Other people may choose to use outdoor rugs to serve in a variety of different possible functional purposes. For example one person may use outdoor rugs to prevent themselves and their visitors from tracking dirt into the house. Such a person may place outdoor rugs on their walkways and porch to act as a rough surface which will knock debris from their visitors' shoes or boots. Another person might put an outdoor rug on their duck or porch to prevent scratches and gouges to the wood that can be caused when a person gets a rock caught in the tread of their shoe and then steps on the porch. Their weight, applied to the small surface area of the rock and the hard surface of the rock work in combination to damage the comparatively soft wood of the porch. An outdoor rug can prevent such an occurrence by both helping to dislodge the rock from the visitor's shoe tread before they apply their weight to it and by cushioning the impact of such an object, acting as a defensive barrier between the rock and the wood of the porch boards.

Whether for decoration or more functional purposes, you probably have a use for outdoor rugs. They can be an excellent way to add decoration to the exterior of your home. As you can see, outdoor rugs can more than pay for themselves when they are used in such a way. So whether you are interested in outdoor rugs for decoration or for protecting your porches and walkways, you can find what you are looking for in an outdoor rug. It all just depends on what you are looking for.