Animated Christmas Decorations for Outdoors

Animated Original Train Set Display

The end of the fall season signals the start of the big holiday season rush. Before Thanksgiving is even here many festive folks will start putting up their old Christmas decorations and getting new outside decorations. For those who want something unique for their Christmas yard decorations this has several ideas for new outside animated Christmas decorations. Adding animated Christmas decorations to your outdoor holiday decor gives it an edge, especially if it is a piece of a holiday scene or nativity scene. Animated decorations are technically called animatronics. Christmas animatronics are the same thing as animated Christmas decorations whether they are talking about indoor or outdoor decorations for the holidays.

Inflatable and animated Christmas decorations appear as movable decorations. These moving Christmas decorations appear to be climbing, waving, turning, and so forth. This can be a train decoration that looks like it's driving through your yard or a climbing Santa decoration that is climbing the side of the house. These airblown and moving decorations are great for those who need Christmas decorating ideas, especially for the outdoors. Outside animated Christmas decorations make a great addition to Christmas yard lights and can be used to decorate the yard, porch, roof and anywhere else creative outdoors.

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Inflatable and Animated Christmas Decorations

This list of Christmas decorating ideas includes the best reviewed, top selling animated Christmas decorations for outside, and is meant as a shopping guide. Use it for decorating ideas and to pick out outdoor animated Christmas decoration to add to the shopping list or check out through Amazon's shopping tool on the right side of the page. Amazon has a large inventory of fun and unique Christmas decor, along with plenty of other gift items to fill a Christmas wish list. The following are affordable, cool, fun, cheap and easy to use outside animated Christmas decorations. Some of them are also made out of LED light decorations. Most of these Christmas decorations are airblown or lighted decorations as well.

Outside Animated Christmas Decoration List

  1. Outdoor Christmas Train Decoration. This is an inflatable Christmas decoration that will beat out the neighbors, especially if you are having a Christmas decorating contest. ItAnimated Christmas Train has 1100 lights. Some of the lights move so the wheels appear to be moving. This is a cool Santa train decoration.
  2. Mr. Christmas Light and Sounds of Christmas. This all-in-one outdoor light and sound system lets you use other outdoor decorations with it and have a central spot for decorations. Use the Mr. Christmas Light decorations to plug ins other decorations to create a holiday hub. It has speakers and plays holiday music. The Mr Christmas is the #1 selling product in Amazon Seasonal Lighting.
  3. Inflatable Santa Popup Decoration. This 72" inflatable outside animated Christmas decoration is an airblown decoration that has Santa popping up out of the chimney. It's a great price, too.
  4. Gemmy Animated Airblown Inflatable Deer Pulling Santa from Chimney. This cute inflatable outside animated Christmas decoration can go anywhere. It's approximately 4 feet and pictures a deer pulling Santa from the chimney.Snowman and Penguins Animated Outdoor Christmas Decoration
  5. Lighted Snowman and Penguin Friends Lighted Display. This lighted Christmas decoration features a snowman with two penguins trying to put the hat on the snowman. All of the characters are lit up. The penguin move to put the hat on the snowman. This outside animated decoration is fun for all holidays.
  6. Animated Jumping Buck. This outside animated Christmas decoration is a deer with many lights on it and it looks like it is jumping. Perfect for the roof or the yard as part of a display. The Jumping Buck light up decoration has over 100 lights that give it the jumping, moving, animated look.
  7. Holographic Lighted Reindeer and Santa decoration. This animated and lighted decoration is an indoor/outdoor decoration. You can use it in a nativity set or holiday scene outdoors or put it inside. Either way, the holographic lighted reindeer is a top seller across mHolographic Reindeer and Santa Outside Animated Decorationany Christmas and holiday categories. The price is good. Check out the Holographic Lighted Reindeer.
  8. 5' Realistic Looking Santa in a Chair. This realistic Santa is one of the best looking actual Santas.
  9. Animated Lighted Merry Christmas Sign. The sign says simply "Merry Christmas" and can be placed outside on the porch.
  10. The Original Lighted Christmas Train Display. The display is very intricate for those who want to show off the original Christmas train lighted display. The lights give it the appearance of movement and it even has smoke billowing from the train using LED lights. The Original Christmas Display is really nice and is the picture at the top of this article.

If you want to look up any of these outside animated Christmas decoration you can look them up on Amazon by typing in the name in the first sentence, like "Animated Jumping Buck" and it will show you the holiday decoration.

Disney Christmas Decorations

Disnet Christmas decorations are very popular. Not only are Disney Christmas decorations a favorite of the kids, but adults love them, too. If you want to have mulitple holiday decorations this year try adding Disney Christmas decorations to your other Christmas characters and decorations. One Disney decoration is the Disney animatronics. Disney animatronics are outside animated Disney characters dressed for the holidays. Some Disney Christmas decorations are outside animated decorations.

The Mickey Mouse Animated Inflatable Toy House is a popular Disney decoration. This inflatable Mickey animated Disney Christmas decoration is over 5 feet tall. Mickey Mouse is movable as he pops in and out of his house giving his guests a quick seasons greetings. The animated Disney decorations appear well-made with multiple features. Many outside animated Christmas decorations, including Disney Christmas decorations, are inflatable, pre-lit, lighted, moving lights, movable, and more. There are some awesome animated Disney Christmas decorations. A favorite is the inflatable Tiger Christmas decoration. Tiger was a character from Winnie the Pooh. There are other Disney outside animated Christmas decorations available, too.

Light Up and Inflatable Animated Christmas Decorations

There are several light up and inflatable, outside animated Christmas decorations that would look perfect in your yard, on the porch, on the roof and many other spots that can be decorated outdoors. The climbing Santa and the train decorations are very popular. Decorating outside is fun because it looks great and makes others happy during the holiday season. It is hard to see a big show of outside animated Christmas decorations without smiling, especially at night when a house is all lit up. If you want to share your holiday spirit this year then put up some holiday lights, buy some animated decorations, use light up window decorations, or just somehow spread the joy. The world needs more joy.

Always use good sense when putting up Christmas or other holiday lights. Do not overload breakers. Happy Holidays!